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Featured Shehroze Kashif, 19, just became the youngest Pakistani to summit Mount Everest


May 1, 2015




Aug 3, 2011
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We all voted pti selected pm imran khan Karobari thabqa bharbaad kardia lock down laga laga kar jabke karobari logo pe pabandia or sarkari logo ke mazay ayashia ghar pe unko thankhuwa karobari marjai unke paiso pe ye sarkari thabqa thankhwa dar ayashi be or badmashi be kare unhee par jis muashre ma zulam ho khabi tharaqi nai kar sakta.. after 3 years dharnaaz of imran khan pm pti it looks like imran pti just came to take revenge from nawaz sharif nothing else and he is completely hopeless and have no control over any thing except to shut mouths of poor nation who have no right to do any thing except to favour wrong doings of pti foreign imposed policies economy getting collapsed rich getting rich poor getting poor people expected him to bring justice in courts every where today every case have a price rate no relief people doing suicides, respect given to all religions except Sunni majority one,Sngpl gas department corruption on top gas meter in nawaz government installed on 9000 today not possible in 50,000 one have to wait several years pti full of corrupt politicians if not all but many, schools (Businesses private sector middle class lower class destroyed ruined by lock downs instead of sop,s following foreign agendas of imf world bank business class who are highest tax payers are mostly punished harassed by government daily new rules expensive electricity heavy taxes with fake games of corona virus first second third fourth fifth etc etc many layers to come untill foreign funds,8 to 16 may holidays part of same wicked games getting funds imposing heavy Taxes later this debt will be paid by pakistani nation,untill every thing will be eaten by snakes crocodiles ..never pandemic diseases similar like corona in history of islam they never prolonged then 2 months bodies were auto immuned today corona become part of notorious secret missions like biological warfares business white collar people are forced to beg Taxes in Pakistan are collected like Europe people are facilitated like Uganda Rulers life styles like Arab kings sheikhs only sarkari goverment enjoying pays by working from home and they want prolong corona virus stop there pays like closing business sector corona will be finished, CSS beurocracy Molvi's establishment politician every one want to rule eat earn get more richer then other race of wealth going between zardari nawaz imran many others similar in other parts of government sectors sadly no one have ever sincerely think about country named Pakistan no justice total discrimination where is riyasate madina, no single GT road in Punjab Balochistan Kpk even Sind have been repaired or carpeted like in previous governments medicine petrol other daily house hold needs price increases daily beautiful country with nation fill of corrupt people ALLAH bless Pakistan Ameen.

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