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Shahbaz Sharif ordered IG to kill people in Police Encounters: Arif Hameed Bhatti


May 20, 2011
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Yesterday Shahbaz Sharif has said that he is victim of political vendetta, he is completely innocent. Despite stake of evidence against him and his family members for money laundering, including his wives, daughters, sons etc.

We have also heard him ordering Justice Qayyum to decide cases according to the wishes of his brother Nawaz Sharif then PM of Pakistan.

In yesterday's program Arif Hameed Bhati sworn and said that "CM of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif ordered IG Police Punjab to kill people in fake Police Encounters".

This is the reality of Pakistani system, Sharifs have got away literally with "Financial Crimes, i.e. loot, misuse of authority, money laundering etc", " perverting the course of justice" and " killing their opponents in fake police encounters".

Strangely, they were still allowed to rule over Pakistan. Nawaz as PM and Shahbaz as CM despite evidence of their crimes.
They were given NRO to come back to Pakistan and rule over it again.

We know who arranged and gave that NRO, his name was "General Kiyani".
Why all this is allowed in Pakistan!!
If these people come on TV and make a mockery of the systems, be it, Law and order, Judiciary, Police, FIA, and now Pakistan Army, the establishment of Pakistan and its judiciary are themselves to blame.

Banana Republic of Pakistan.


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