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Seeds of Indian Proliferation


Feb 7, 2009
India's answer to the ISIS report.

The Hindu : Front Page : Proliferation charges ‘rubbish’

New Delhi: India on Friday described as “rubbish” the charges made by an American non-proliferation lobby group that the country had violated nuclear export control and information security norms.

“These are the same sort of charges which were trotted out in 2006,” Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon said when asked about a recent report by the U.S.-based Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS). These charges were totally baseless, he said.

The ISIS alleged that India had leaked out sensitive centrifuge component design drawings as part of a tendering process for components initiated by India Rare Earths, an undertaking of the Department of Atomic Energy. It also charged the DAE with importing tributyl phosphate (TBP) — described as a “dual use chemical” used to separate plutonium — through “illicit” means.

The ISIS is run by David Albright, a prominent pre-war advocate of the Bush administration’s claims that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.

In a press release, the DAE said the ISIS report, which was quoted by the Washington Post on Thursday and cited by Senator Barbara Boxer during Senate hearings on the 123 Agreement on Friday, was based on an “inadequate understanding of realities.”

It said sensitive technologies developed in Indian nuclear installations were controlled strictly with adequate security systems.

“While we do get specific individual processing steps done through Indian industry following prescribed procedures, it is ensured that the information contained in the tender documents does not compromise technology control requirements. The drawing referred to in one media report said to be related to manufacture of gas centrifuges, is of a convoluted tube, having a variety of applications where flexibility is required. By this drawing alone, no sensitive information is revealed,” the DAE said.

As for TBP, the DAE said the chemical was not a “controlled item in NSG list and guidelines.”

It added that “sustained R&D efforts” had led to the development of indigenous capabilities, including in DAE facilities, for manufacture of this item. In certain instances procurement has been made from other Indian firms also producing TBP.

According to the DAE, TBP is currently produced by the Talcher Heavy Water Plant in Orissa.
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Apr 23, 2009
What about morality? US doesn't hold ground to cry about Iranian or Pakistani nuclear programme when all she cares is business!
Morality comes cheap these days, with enough $$$ you can buy almost everything! :enjoy: :usflag:
which world are you in man there is nothing called morality why iran they killed saddham but what aout zimbambe? burma? might is right and right now USA cant takeone India we are very strong economically and usa cant belive in china as it is too dependent on it. they have no choice.
countries have only intrarests.

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