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Security Guards for Hire


Oct 3, 2005
United States
Any growing business needs to think of hiring a security guard. Security guards do more than you think — they inspect buildings to ensure there are no safety hazards, they help in handling emergencies, help provide your clients with a sense of safety, and yes, they save you lots of money by preventing theft. In short, the security guards will give you peace of mind, and that will help you to concentrate on your growing business needs. Here are some of the important considerations to make when looking for security guards for hire.


1. Hiring a security guard is a great business decision

When you hire security guards, you are actually investing in the security of your staff. This makes your staff know you value them and this helps them keep motivated. Your staff retention will, therefore, be significantly improved which will save you a lot of money that is typically spent in the entire hiring process cycle. A good security guard should do the following:

• Patrol the business premises not only during scheduled sweeps but also random ones. This helps to make the security visible and also helps in identifying and curtailing any breaches in security.

• Be on the lookout throughout to investigate any suspicious activity as soon as it happens. They can do this by wandering around or by reviewing the security footage.

• Respond promptly to emergencies like fires, bomb threats or any criminal activity in general.

• Escort employees to their vehicles late at night to avoid any incidents

• Promote better customer support by greeting visitors, issuance of passes and answering any queries from prospective customers.

2. Look for qualified security guards
Security guards for hire play a vital role in your business, and it is therefore in your best interests to go with the most highly qualified ones. The following are the qualifications to look for.

• A state security guard certification or licensing.

• A comprehensive background check

• First AID and CPR certification

• Relevant training and job experience

• Physical fitness — e.g., can they move up to 100 pounds?

• Security equipment knowhow

• Ability to maintain their calm under pressure

• Good observation skills

Several tips can help you get the most qualified security guards for your company. The first step is to ensure you write a detailed job description on your website and give the link to the guards who are seeking for a job. A good job description must have a compelling summary of what is expected of the employee and an exhaustive explanation of the duties and responsibilities of the person hired When posting the job vacancy online, make sure to include relevant keywords like, security guard, security officer, armed security officer, safety, and security. This increases the chances of your ad being seen by more security guards.

Once you have shortlisted possible candidates, structure your interview questions to filter out the best from the rest. Make your questions as targeted as possible to help them reveal their security background, their skills, and any important personal trait, For instance, you can ask them about their customer service experience.
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Jan 1, 2010
In Pakistan security companies pay next to nothing to guards.. from 14-25K is the salary of a private guard.. depends upon his previous employment record.. alot of businesses usually look out for Ex Army .. but that ie getting difficult.. with better pays and pensions.. retired soldiers arent lookin for low paying jobs..

I worked for Paks largest security company and I was surprised at how the system works.

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