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SBS Australia suspends Chinese TV news services after ‘forced confessions’ complaint

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Dec 20, 2019
SBS has suspended its broadcast of Chinese state-controlled news services after receiving a complaint from a human rights organisation that the networks had broadcast dozens of forced confessions, including one from a British journalist.

The public broadcaster confirmed it would suspend broadcasting China Central Television (CCTV) and China Global Television Network (CGTN) news content while it reviewed a complaint letter it had received from Safeguard Defenders.

A spokesman said SBS, to the best of its knowledge, had not aired the forced confessions and the complaint letter did not allege that it had.


SBS has suspended its broadcast of Chinese TV networks CGTN and CCTV while it reviews a complaint that the media outlets have broadcast forced confessions.CREDIT:LOUIE DOUVIS

“Given the serious concerns it raises, and the complexity of the material involved, we have made the decision to suspend the broadcast of the overseas-sourced CGTN and CCTV news bulletins while we undertake an assessment of these services,” an SBS spokesman said on Friday.

SBS’s World Watch program, which features news bulletins from countries around the world, had carried CGTN, a 15-minute English service, and CCTV, a 30-minute Mandarin language service.

The public broadcaster reported on Friday that it had received a letter from Safeguard Defenders, a human rights organisation, which claimed CCTV had broadcast the forced confessions of some 56 people between 2013 and 2020.

“These broadcasts involved the extraction, packaging and airing of forced and false confessions of prisoners held under conditions of duress and torture,” SBS reported the letter said.

“These offences involved the airing of ‘confessions’ extracted from suspects long before any indictment, trial or conviction, and in many instances while the victim was detained incommunicado, with no access to legal counsel, at secret locations.

“A significant number of these ‘confessions’ are broadcast not only in China, but internationally via CCTV-4 and CGTN.”

UK media watchdog Ofcom last month revoked the broadcast licence CGTN after concluding Star China Media Limited, the purported licence-holder, “did not have editorial responsibility for CGTN’s output”.

“In addition, we have been unable to grant an application to transfer the licence to an entity called China Global Television Network Corporation (CGTNC)...because we consider that CGTNC would be disqualified from holding a licence, as it is controlled by a body which is ultimately controlled by the Chinese Communist Party,” Ofcom said in a statement on February 4.

Ofcom’s decision came seven months after it ruled that CGTN had been “unjust” to air footage in 2013 of British journalist and private investigator Peter Humphrey “appearing to confess to a criminal offence”.

Mr Humphrey and his wife Yu Yingzeng were arrested in 2013 for allegedly trading the personal information of Chinese citizens.



Nov 25, 2011
United States
those who are against exposing criminals are themselves criminal conspirators. A criminal organization should be prevented from spreading their influence by any means necessary.


Aug 19, 2015
This is how the 4-eye Anglo-Saxon nation played in their disinformation warfare. To prevent those they accused an opportunity to defend themselves for their fabricated lies. That is why many Australians are so brainwashed.

Today I saw Al Jazeera TV news reporting on the hardship of Australian wine producers and suddenly when they talked about China, it shows a video clip of Chinese President Xi inspecting the Military Parade during their70th Anniversary.

It is unrelated but the sublimal message is clear.
To demonized China like they did all these times using a doctor video about the Tankman in Tiananmen by CNN.
Nowadays many folks do not trust any of these news reports from the West. :coffee:

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