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SBP injects $1.2b to stabilise rupee in just 3 months to support still could not do anything.

American Pakistani

May 30, 2010
United States
Same crap different government.
The crap will continue because the public want "imported maal" and negligible amount(comparison wise) exports.

The short term solution is to increase gas/petrol prices for all non commercial usage. This will help gasoline import bills get lower. Heavy import tax on all non essential goods. Double the tax on all non essential imported automobile.

On long term, introduce a "go electric" policy. All vehicles sold must be electric by year 2035. This will heavily reduce dependence on importing gasoline. Under CPEC pakistan can have tons of power plants to produce electricity. Also any homes built must have solar power generating ability. Have solar panel manufacturing plants in Pakistan which can help reduce the cost of solar panels.

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