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Save the Indian Rupee!

Discussion in 'Members Club' started by baker, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. baker

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    Oct 5, 2009
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    Just a forwarded mail.. Thought to share with u guys

    save the indian rupee!

    You can make a huge difference to the indian economy by following few simple steps:-
    please spare a couple of minutes here for the sake of india.
    I got this article from one of my friends, but it's true. I can see this in day to day life.
    Here's a small example:-
    before 12 months 1 us $ = ind rs 39
    after 12 months, now 1 $ = ind rs 50
    do you think us economy is booming? No, but indian economy is going down.
    Our economy is in your hands....
    Indian economy is in a crisis. Our country like many other asian countries, is undergoing a severe economic crunch. Many indian industries are closing down. The indian economy is in a crisis and if we do not take proper steps to control those, we will be in a critical situation.

    More than 30,000 crore rupees of foreign exchange are being siphoned out of our country on products such as cosmetics, snacks, tea, beverages, etc... Which are grown, produced and consumed here.

    A cold drink that costs only 70 / 80 paisa to produce, is sold for rs.9 and a major chunk of profits from these are sent abroad. This is a serious drain on indian economy.

    We have nothing against multinational companies, but to protect our own interests we request everybody to use indian products only at least for the next two years. With the rise in petrol prices, if we do not do this, the rupee will devalue further and we will end up paying much more for the same products in the near future.

    What you can do about it?
    1. Buy only products manufactured by wholly indian companies.
    2. Enroll as many people as possible for this cause.....

    Each individual should become a leader for this awareness. This is the only way to save our country from severe economic crisis. You don't need to give-up your lifestyle. You just need to choose an alternate product.

    All categories of products are available from wholly indian companies.

    List of products

    cold drinks:-

    drink lemon juice, fresh fruit juices, chilled lassi (sweet or sour), butter milk, coconut water, jal jeera, enerjee, and masala milk...

    Instead of coca cola, pepsi, limca, mirinda, sprite

    bathing soap:-
    use cinthol & other godrej brands, santoor, wipro shikakai, mysore sandal, margo, neem, evita, medimix, ganga , nirma bath & chandrika

    instead of lux, lifebuoy, rexona, liril, dove, pears, hamam, lesancy, camay, palmolive

    tooth paste:-
    use neem, babool, promise, vico vajradanti, prudent, dabur products, miswak

    instead of colgate, close up, pepsodent, cibaca, forhans, mentadent.

    Tooth brush: -
    use prudent, ajanta , promise

    instead of colgate, close up, pepsodent, forhans, oral-b

    shaving cream:-
    use godrej, emami

    instead of palmolive, old spice, gillete

    use supermax, topaz, lazer, ashoka

    instead of seven-o -clock, 365, gillette

    talcum powder:-
    use santoor, gokul, cinthol, wipro baby powder, boroplus

    instead of ponds, old spice, johnson's baby powder, shower to shower

    milk powder:-
    use indiana, amul, amulya

    instead of anikspray, milkana, everyday milk, milkmaid.

    use lakme, nirma, velvette

    instead of halo, all clear, nyle, sunsilk, head and shoulders, pantene

    mobile connections:-
    use bsnl, airtel

    instead of hutch

    food items:-
    eat tandoori chicken, vada pav, idli, dosa, puri, uppuma
    instead of kfc, macdonald's, pizza hut, a&w
    every indian product you buy makes a big difference. It saves india. Let us take a firm decision today.
    Buy indian to be indian - we are not against of foreign products.

    We are not anti-multinational. We are trying to save our nation. Every day is a struggle for a real freedom. We achieved our independence after losing many lives.
    They died painfully to ensure that we live peacefully. The current trend is very threatening.

    Multinationals call it globalization of indian economy. For indians like you and me, it is re-colonization of india. The colonist's left india then. But this time, they will make sure they don't make any mistakes.

    Who would like to let a "goose that lays golden eggs" slip away?

    Please remember: political freedom is useless without economic independence

    Russia, s.korea, mexico - the list is very long!! Let us learn from their experience and from our history. Let us do the duty of every true indian.

    Finally, it's obvious that you can't give up all of the items mentioned above. So give up at least one item for the sake of our country!
    Please forward this mail to all your friends to create awareness.
    "Little drops make a great ocean."

    Please try to be an indian
  2. Punjabbi Munda

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    Jan 11, 2011
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    Crisis?..Its a slow down Economy is still at 7-8% while the whole world is stumbling..And the slow down means dip in inflation(as i read..from december onwards..)..
    Crisis is in no way the correct word.
  3. baker

    baker FULL MEMBER

    Oct 5, 2009
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    if we cant control the inflation.. situation going to be vaery bad
  4. Loyus


    Oct 27, 2011
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    My Dear Baker,

    With due respect I would like to ask you a question

    Do you understand macroeconomics ?

  5. kingkobra

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    Jun 15, 2010
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    If a product is produced in india then it means indian workers get jobs....if you don't use these products then these workers might have to loose their jobs for dunno how long...
  6. baker

    baker FULL MEMBER

    Oct 5, 2009
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    sorry no idea... like i told..it was just a forwarded mail....
  7. tatasteel

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    Nov 8, 2011
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    hey nyle is an indian product.....