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Saudi Arabian and other Arab delegations attend inauguration of Egypt military base

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Feb 13, 2012
Egypt did very well in 1973. The fault was in the command structure and Sadat making the major battlefield decisions. Had he left them to the Shazly and the field generals, that war would've been an undisputed Egyptian victory instead of the contested one that it ended up being. I think it's very safe to say that 44 years later and the military improvements that have come with that are much better.

Nowadays we're seeing fighting against terrorism and militias and not large scale wars where you would be able to see these differences and improvements. Every country has a tough time fighting terrorism, but the difference is that Muslim countries have a great burden in that they need to worry about collateral damage to their own people (with the exception of Assad), whereas foreign entities fighting in the ME don't so much.
Well, as we say; war is an extension of politics.. Sadat controlled the war as such..the whole war operation was called "little spark".. the name says it all ..Bringing Usrael to the negotiations table..something it didn't want and was forced upon it by a little spark of war.. Usrael took it as a total war and Egypt just trapped everything they could send against it and negotiated with the father _the US_ not the little kid..who was forced to obey..

still, you are not in the list of top 10 Powerful militaries I wonder why?
Pakistan with budget of merely 8 billion $$ ranks 14/15
Egypt with a budget of just $6 billion ranks 10th..
In a major war brother, you can't distinguish between Egypt, KSA, UAE.. plus 17 or 18 more Arab nations.. I am sure Pakistan also will take part in it.. On top of it all there are many very reliable sources that say KSA was the financier of the whole Pakistani nuclear project and proved to be the best brother and ally of Pakistan in any dire circumstances..

I just don't really believe in the capabilities of any Arab military. Having the hardware is one thing, being able to fully utilize it is another thing. 2 years ago, our German prof told us that British and French advisers are effectively leading the Saudi & UAE armies. I suppose this hasn't changed yet and for me this is simply not acceptable.
Are you talking about Turkish military brother.. it is the only one who has proved not to be able to use its military efficiently ..just lately in Syria.... what do you know about Arab armies apart from some biased opinions..
Also having advisors from the countries from whom one purchases weapons is common all over the world.. you can send your "German" teacher to check this out for himself..

Wonder why KSA been arming Egypt for last many years. Good move. But, don't know if Egyptian will be proved as trustable partner.
KSA only guarantees loans for Egypt when Egypt can't..Egypt arms itself.. despite what may think, Egypt is a rich nation with a lot of resources, wars and 2 recent revolutions took a toll on its economy..but it is like a phoenix..it always gets back on its feet.. like it is witnessed today.. and has been witnessed many times before..


Feb 22, 2012
Tagging does not work. Bad. Very bad.

More militarization is needed across the entire Arab world in order to ensure and control incompetent regimes. Only way to protect yourself from harmful internal or external meddling.

Looking forward to the 1 trillion USD military budget of KSA in 2050.:yahoo:

and the Joint Arab Military Force.:yahoo:
arming ourselves is a must these days i believe we are ready for any possible outcome from the qatar crisis including turkish response i think the huge Egyptian well trained land forces with air cover from the GCC can easily take on any power in the region


Jul 5, 2015
@Saif al-Arab just seeing the tag.. :)
This base has a strategic role in that area in the northern coast....as it will have Dabaa Nuclear power station , a new port and a new aalaamen city.
In That part of Egypt there was one of the critical battles in the WWII ALAMEEN BATTLE...between British/Egyptian Vs invading German/Italian armies leaded by Romel (the desert fox).
So it must be protected to counter act any invasion and against terrorists groups in neighboring Libya.

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