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Saudi Arabia gets Turkish Guidance Kits

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    Turkish ammunition to Saudi Arabia F-15s

    The F-15SA fighter aircraft of the Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force (RSAF) was integrated with the local guidance kit developed by Roketsan.

    The F-15SA fighter aircraft, which is included in the Royal Saudi Arabia Air Force inventory, has been integrated with the local guidance kit developed by Roketsan. According to information obtained by DefenseSanayiST.com on the subject; Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) for the Fe-15S platform inventory, Turkey's leading rocket and missile systems manufacturer company, which ROKETSAN by working for the development of TEBER Guidance Kit integration, was launched in 2016. As a result of the ongoing efforts within this scope, 4 successful shots were fired from the F-15SA aircraft belonging to the Saudi Arabian Air Force in 2019 and integration studies were completed successfully. In the coming period, the Saudi Arabian authorities and Roketsan are expected to sign an agreement to supply the TEBER Guidance Kit.
    TEBER Guidance Kit
    Roketsan TEBER, MK-81 and MK-82 general purpose bombs designed to increase the impact capability; air-to-land Inertial Measurement Unit (IPB), Global Positioning System (CGS) and / or Semi Active Laser Seeker Head (LAB) supported by the precise CEP (deviation) is a laser guidance kit.

    TEBER tail section consists of Inertial Measurement Unit (IMP) and Spherical Positioning System (GCS) to provide precise guidance and can be integrated into the bomb very quickly by the user in the field. The liners on the bomb body provide stability and buoyancy as well as high maneuverability in the terminal guiding phase.

    The semi-active Laser Seeker (LAB), which can be attached to the nose of the bombs at any time, gives the weapon system precise precision against moving targets. There is also the option to add a proximity sensor to the Laser Seeker Head (LAB), so that the warhead can be used effectively by adjusting the height at which the bomb will explode according to target types and user request. In addition, the tail section provides logistical convenience to the user with the ability to recognize the bombs to which it is integrated.

    Also TEBER, Turkey with deviation below 3 meters and is among the world's most accurate guidance kits.

    Technicial Specifications
    Guidance Modes Only APB
    APB + CPS
    APB + CPS + LAB
    APB + LAB
    Warhead MK-81, MK-82
    Seeker Laser Seeker Head (LAB)
    Approach Sensor 2-15
    Range (Min, Max) 2-28 km
    CEP - 50 (Circular Deviation) <3m
    Maneuverability ± 3g
    Moving Target Capability <50 km / h
    Weight (TEBER-82, TEBER-81) ~ 270 kg (595 lb), ~ 155 kg (345 lb)
    Length (TEBER-82, TEBER-81) 2.65m (104 ″), 2.1m (81.5 ″)
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