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Safran looking out for Program Manager for Kaveri Engine


Sep 22, 2016
United States

What could be the first sign of movement in Indo-French Kaveri engine project, French Safran Aircraft Engine has issued advertisement for Director / Program Manager for Kaveri program. The application is invited from interested candidates and below are Mission Description. Within the program management division, in liaison with the designated correspondents of the other entities of Safran Aircraft Engines, and in particular, the technical management, the quality management, the industrial management and the commercial management, the program director Kaveri will have the following tasks: – Lead the team Kaveri program – Establish the project schedule and identify, in accordance with the PROMPT methodology, key program milestones, consistent with the challenges and milestones of the contract and the Rafale India contract associated offsets, – Ensure the control and coordination of all activities on the program, including consistent with the M88 program – Ensure the profitability of the engine and its future support system, identify performance improvement axes economic, – Ensure coherence of actions regarding developments/improvements / changes in the product (via meetings team from program) – Manage the actions of the Company and the Group regarding this program ensuring overall consistency in cost, quality and deadlines – ensure customer satisfaction in meeting the commitments, – define, validate and allocate budgets of all functions involved in the program – ensure always the risk management, – ensure implementation M20 process (PROMPT) “pilot Programs”, – Ensure, in collaboration with the technical authority, flight safety, – ensure, as part of the process P20, the control key actions leading to compliance with project milestones. Complement of the description With the support of the program team, it will: – Make live staking program: o Validate the deliverables prior to submission review milestone o Ensure the answers and closure recommendations – Adapt the organisation & the pilotage Phases of the program Position Specifications Travel in France and abroad LOCATION Location Europe, France, Ile-de-France, ESSONNE (91) City EVRY CANDIDATE CRITERIA Education level min. required BAC + 5 Level of Experience Min. required Greater than 8 years

http://idrw.org/safran-looking-out-for-program-manager-for-kaveri-engine/#more-123374 .


Aug 8, 2011
United States
Contract needs to be signed by this year and kaveri should be ready before the year 2019 begins. It should be able to produce 90-95 kn.
Immediately after this another new engine should be launched with the help of snecma focused on the next generation of engine, capable of delivering 110–120+ kn of power.
I understand IAF wants 110kns engines but we also know how they operate, we should go with nothing less than 125+ kn engine. It should have the capacity of upgrading and adding another 20-25% power.

IMHO, I think it would be wise to run two seperate programs on developing engines. With or without help, maybe one with France and the other with Russia.

Start giving more money to IIT's to develop next generation technologies especially in the field of metallurgy, self healing frames, radars and much more.

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