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Russian Strategic Bombers Launch Series of Cruise Missiles

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    Russian Strategic Bombers Launch Series of Cruise Missiles

    Created: 24.08.2006 15:32 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 15:32 MSK, 6 hours 35 minutes ago


    Russian strategic bombers launched a series of cruise missiles during command and staff exercises at a northern testing ground, a senior Air Force official said Thursday.

    According to the RIA Novosti news agency, during a 10-hour flight, two Tu-160 and two Tu-95MS from strategic long-range aviation units, designated by NATO as Blackjack and Bear-H, respectively, successfully hit targets and performed a number of tasks, including in-flight refueling.

    “All cruise missiles hit their targets,” said Colonel Alexander Drobyshevsky, deputy commander of the Russian Air Force.

    He added that six Tu-22M, or Backfire-C, long-range bombers simultaneously conducted successful missions with bombardment and missile launches at the Guryanovo testing ground in southern Russia, and at Emba, a testing ground that Russia leases from Kazakhstan.