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Russian occupied Kherson(UKR) to build warships for Russia report

Yongpeng Sun-Tastaufen

Oct 15, 2017
The most serious problems of Russian warship manufacturing are inefficiency and corruption.
The Russian aircraft carrier Kuznetsov has been repaired since 2017, and it has not been repaired until now. The maintenance time is even longer than the construction time of China's 003 aircraft carrier.
I suggest that Russia send the Kuznetsov to Dalian port in China for maintenance, or decommission it directly, and then buy a new aircraft carrier from China.
Russia can also directly purchase 052D and 054A from China to enrich the surface fleet, which are enough to suppress those low-grade ships in the Mediterranean.

Russia can replace Moskva class with Type 055 class.

Read your source.....its says.....Baltic Sea!!!!
Learn European Geography first, then give us lessons.

Kerch shipyard can build corvettes for Black Sea fleet.


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