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Tai Hai Chen

Oct 15, 2017

Admiral Golovko frigate to join Russian Navy in 2022

In the medium term, the frigates of Project 22350 will form the basis of the ships of the far sea zone of the Northern Fleet

SEVEROMORSK, May 13. /TASS/. The Admiral Golovko Project 22350 frigate will join the Russian Navy in 2022. This was announced by the commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Alexander Moiseev, at a briefing for Russian and foreign journalists aboard the nuclear-powered missile cruiser Peter the Great.

According to him, in the medium term, frigates of the Admiral Gorshkov type (Project 22350) will form the basis of ships of the far sea zone of the Northern Fleet.

"The next ship will be accepted next year. It will bear the name of the legendary commander of the Great Patriotic War, Commander of the Northern Fleet Arseniy Grigoryevich Golovko, " Moiseev said.

He stressed that the ships of this project already have experience of long-distance voyages, have successfully proven themselves, and have confirmed all the inherent characteristics.

"And with the adoption of modern weapons, of course, they will increase all their characteristics," the commander added.


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