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Russian General Kutuzov Killed in Ukraine: Separatists


Feb 25, 2014
If People knew a bit more about the Russian Army fighting structure then they would know that this is NOT SURPRISING at all ! The Russian Army Generals are much more involved in the FIRST-HAND front-line combat experience and more first hand troop-INTERACTION than any other Army generals in other armies. At the same time, if a Russian General is killed, the General is easily replaced by the next-in-line as they have been trained to do so.

Unlike the corrupt DHA Housing Generals in Pakistan, Russian Generals are true warriors till the end, true copies of Marcus Aurelius.

The fact generals are on the frontline has nothing to do with "being a true warrior" lmao do you think we are in the 17th century ?

The fact generals are on the frontline probably underlines Russia's problems of organization and communication. The fact western generals can lead operations thousands of kms away while Russians have to be on the frontline to lead their men and sort out the mess speaks of the volume of problems within the Russian armed forces.

And you are acting like losing a general is nothing and is easily replaceable. No a general is never easily replaceable. And BTW how do you expect troops on the frontline to be supervised when their officers corps is decimated ?

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