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Oct 16, 2016
United States
So this is the latest and closest pic I've ever seen of the Su-57's air intake which appears to have radar blockers but more importantly to me is the closest view I've ever seen so far of the supposed underwing missile bay which I'm still not convinced that's what it is. But either way, when they came out with the chart of sensors I posted below the pic and item 101KS-P, the Posadka landing device which comprises a small infrared imaging sensor to aid in low-level flying and landing; it is fitted in the forward section of the canoe shaped underwing missile bay and is very visible now in this pic. You can even see the round lens for the sensor which is bit different than the chart pic but still, very noticeable.

The only thing still in question is the rest of that structure doesn't look like it would open up for missiles at all. Still have to wait and see that eventually in the future if it happens or not. But at least we know about the sensor and can actually see it.


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