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Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

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Sep 19, 2018
United States
Propaganda is an external enemy of the state, deeper problem is internal corruption in US defense industry and collusion of political hierachy in the defense department. CIA, pentagon, and defense industry is becoming so bureaucratic/nepotistic cesspool, US no longer has competent decision making capabilities. Any data need interpretation and if you have incompetent people at the top, the whole institution fails. Look at the failure of F35 fighter programs/scraping of US littoral combat ships, trillions wasted without any tangible benefits. Biden's admin can't even get accurate assessment of ground situation in Afghanistan. Whoever proposed economic sanctions against Russia military might in Ukraine is just idiotic, and the military assessment of the ground situation in Ukraine is not getting better. Even with all the big data, and up to date intelligence, US foreign policies continue to double down on failures in Ukraine because of Biden's political agenda, and the corrupt institutions that are enabling it.

The US government is rotten to the core. That's why everything costs 5X over budget and takes 10X longer than planned if ever accomplished at all. The people working in the government and the contractors are making big money.
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