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Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2


Dec 14, 2008
United Kingdom
As I said, if the US attacks only Russia, then China will attack the US.
Why would the US wait until the Chinese strike, if that is 100% guaranteed?
If your last prediction is true, why would not China threaten Russia against using nuclear arms?

Trying to lie about history when everyone present experienced the event is kinda lame…

  1. It is yet to be confirmed that Israel has nuclear arms.
  2. I guess you have proof that France transferred nuclear weapons technology to Israel - not.
  3. Things that happened (if it happened) 50 years ago can hardly be used as a reason to leave now. The fact that Israel in that case had nuclear arms for 50 years is proof enough,
  4. Possession by Israel of nuclear arms is not reason to leave.
  5. Israel has not threatened Iran with nuclear attacks.
  6. Trying to leave without a good cause will have consequences.
So just hot air…
Turkey should also join the war and fight for its territory?

Ottoman Ukraine​

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Ottoman Ukraine
Ханська Україна (Ukrainian)
Common languagesUkrainian
Orthodox Church of Ukraine
Beylerbey, Pasha, Agha, Ataman
Truce of Andrusovo1667
Treaty of Perpetual Peace (1686)1686
Today part ofUkraine

1686 map of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth during the War of the Holy League. To the southeast of the Commonwealth is the realm of the Ottoman Empire in Ukraine (Ottoman Ukraine) that included cities like Bratslav, Kamianets-Podilskyi and Terebovlia and river border over Dnieper with Muscovy
Ottoman Ukraine (Ukrainian: Османська Україна), Khan Ukraine (Ukrainian: Ханська Україна, Romanian: Ucraina Hanului), Hanshchyna (Ukrainian: Ганьщина)[1] is a historical term for right-bank Ukraine (as well as the southern regions of the Kiev Voivodeship) also known after its Turkic name Yedisan. The first mentioned records are traced to 1737 when the Russian secret agent Lupul was urging to attack Ottoman Ukraine.



Officially, the southern, coastal edge of territory had been occupied by the Crimean Khanate since the 1520s in order to enable the slave raidings. The territory appeared as a consequence of the 1667 Truce of Andrusovo, which divided the Cossack Hetmanate, without consideration of the local population between the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Tsardom of Russia. Since 1669, the Ottoman authorities granted protectorate to the Cossack statehood west of the Dnieper and designated it into a separate sanjak which was headed by Cossack Hetman Petro Doroshenko. It was confirmed by the Treaty of Buchach in 1672.
The territory was bordered to its west by Podolia Eyalet and its south by Silistra Eyalet. With the help of Petro Doroshenko, the Ottomans were able to occupy Podilia and established its province in 1672. In 1676 the new King of Poland, Jan III Sobieski, managed to recover some of the lost territories of Ukraine and stopped paying a tribute after signing the Truce of Zhuravno. Also in 1676, Ivan Samoylovych, along with the boyar Grigory Romodanovsky, led a successful campaign against Doroshenko forcing him to surrender and occupied the Cossack capital, Chyhyryn. Between 1677 and 1678 a powerful army of Ibrahim Pasha fought over the control of Chyhyryn (see Russo-Turkish War (1676–81)). Eventually, the army of the Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa Pasha was successful in taking control over Chyhyryn, in 1678. The city of Nemyriv became the Hetman residence between the 1670s and 1699.
After the 1681 Treaty of Bakhchisarai, Ottoman Ukraine came under the government of Moldavia by Hospodar George Ducas.
In 1685, Polish king John III Sobieski revived some Cossack freedoms in right-bank Ukraine and signed the Eternal Peace Treaty of 1686, with Russia securing an alliance against the Ottoman Empire.



Dec 14, 2017
Serious land Ukraine retaken on the 25th and 26th

Confirmed with Geolocated Data
-Nove (19km North of Lyman)
-Karpivka (20km NW of Lyman)
-Horobivka (10Km NE of Kupiansk)

-Drobysheve (8km NW of Lyman)
-Shandryholove (12km NW of Lyman)

last 24 hours :

Ukrainian military have liberated Kupiansk-Vuzlovyi town on the east bank of Oskil river, - head of regional military-civilian administration :

Ukrainian military reportedly entered Pisky-Radkivski village in Kharkiv region :

Ukrainian military in liberated Ridkodub village :


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