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Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2


Dec 14, 2008
United Kingdom
Let me use this old Soviet adage to make it clear:

"We know you're lying, they know you lied and yet you're still lying."

Everybody from Alaska to new Zealand knows that Iran supplied Russia with Drones. That means if Ukrainian did attack that mean it's legitimate.

Well, I am not saying they can't do combine arms, I am saying the scope would have been small, we are donating 140 ish western battle tank to Ukraine, that at best can form 3 Armour Brigade, that would be a maneuver smaller than a division size.

This is more like a spearhead rather than a phase line style combine arms operation we used to in the west.
If the allies say 140ish that really means about 400ish or more.

Putin draws parallels between WWII and Ukraine conflict

AFP Published February 2, 2023 Updated about 9 hours ago

President Vladimir Putin leveraged a World War II commemoration on Thursday to whip up support for his army’s intervention in Ukraine, comparing the fighting to Nazi Germany’s invasion and hinting Moscow could use nuclear weapons.
Putin has used World War II to promote his political agenda in recent years while the Kremlin has sought to give cult status to Moscow’s victory in what Russians call the Great Patriotic War.
Arriving in the southern city of Volgograd for commemorations to mark the 80th anniversary of the Soviet victory at the Battle of Stalingrad, achieved at enormous cost, Putin sought to boost support for his assault on Ukraine.
He compared Russia’s so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine to the war against Nazi Germany in 1941-1945 and claimed Russians were ready to go “until the end”.
“Again and again we are forced to repel the aggression of the collective West,” Putin said in the city on the Volga River formerly known as Stalingrad.
“We aren’t sending tanks to their borders but we have something to respond with, and it won’t be just about using armoured vehicles. Everyone should understand this,” he added.
“A modern war with Russia will be completely different,” he said.

Since sending troops to pro-Western Ukraine last February Putin has repeatedly threatened to use nuclear weapons against the West if the conflict escalates.
“It’s unbelievable but true. We are again being threatened by German Leopard tanks.”

‘To go until the end’​

“Readiness to go until the end, to do the impossible for the sake of the motherland, for the sake of truth was — and is — in the blood, in the character of our multinational people,” said Putin.
He spoke after laying flowers at the city’s legendary landmark — a hilltop memorial to the battle that includes the towering 85-metre sculpture of a woman with a raised sword known as “The Motherland Calls”.
The commemorations in the southern Russian city come as the Kremlin looks to step up its offensive in Ukraine, bolstered by tens of thousands of reservists mobilised last autumn.
The 1942-43 Battle of Stalingrad raged for nearly six months and when it was over the city was in ruins and more than a million soldiers and civilians had lost their lives.
The Red Army’s victory marked a turning point not only for the Soviet Union, which had suffered several heavy defeats, but also for the Allied forces.
Russia has claimed recent gains near the hotspot town of Bakhmut in the eastern Donetsk region of Ukraine.
Moscow recently announced the capture of the eastern town of Soledar as it seeks to wrest control of the entirety of the region of Donetsk — a region it claims to have annexed.
Although the significance of capturing the salt-mining town is disputed, Soledar was the first major victory for Russia’s forces following a series of setbacks on the ground.

Bust of Stalin​

On the eve of Putin’s arrival, a bust of dictator Joseph Stalin was unveiled in Volgograd.
Since Putin took power in Russia in 2000, a growing chorus of Russians are taking a positive view of the despot’s role in history, and analysts have pointed to the creeping rehabilitation of Stalin in the country.
Nostalgic for the superpower status of the USSR, many Russian officials have been promoting Stalin as a tough leader who led the Soviet Union to victory in World War II and presided over the country’s industrialisation.
The Soviet Union lost an estimated 20 million people in World War II and the legacy of what is known in the country as the Great Patriotic War is venerated.
Officials declared Wednesday and Thursday public holidays in Volgograd following a request from war veterans.
The city was renamed Volgograd in 1961, eight years after the death of Stalin.
Since 2013, the city is temporarily renamed Stalingrad several times a year, including on February 2 and on May 9, when Russia holds nationwide celebrations on the anniversary of the Soviet victory in World War II.


Dec 14, 2008
United Kingdom

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‘World’s Toughest Fighter’: Russian Su-35 Fighter Destroys Ukrainian Military Targets With High-Precision Missiles – MoD​

ByAshish Dangwal

January 30, 2023

On January 30, the Russian defense ministry released a video displaying the crew of Su-35S aircraft from the Western Military District (ZVO) destroying enemy military targets while employing powerful missiles.
The Russian defense ministry posted the video on its Telegram channel. The crew of the Su-35S ZVO fighters continue to destroy the enemy, using a wide range of aviation weapons,” the ministry wrote.
The ministry further stated that the crew utilizes guided, high-precision air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles to target Ukrainian military aircraft, radar sites, and air defense systems.
An R-37M long-range AAM can be spotted on the centerline stations of a Su-35S (Bort “72” Red assigned to the 159th Fighter Aviation Regiment) at what looks to be Kursk-Khalino Airbase, according to Guy Plopsky, a defense analyst who posted several screengrabs from the video.
“At the moment, the Su-35 aircraft is the best fighter. I’m not afraid of that word — the toughest fighter in the world. An expanded set of weapons – both on the ground and in the air – makes it an excellent machine,” said Alexander, the deputy commander of the aviation squadron.

The Russian pilot praised the fighter jet’s maneuverability, noting that the fighter is outfitted with air-to-air missiles (long, medium, and short-range) and long-range air-to-surface missiles (against radar, stationary targets).
The Western Military District pilot carried over 800 combat missions during the special military operation. The Order of Courage and the Nesterov Medal was bestowed upon the lieutenant colonel, reported state-run Izvestia.
He said that the squadron’s primary duty is to overcome air defense systems, a mission he and his comrades can complete easily. Furthermore, operational and tactical aviation combat sorties are flown from temporary airfields to complete the tasks.

The Su-35S is one of the world’s most technologically advanced Generation 4++ multirole fighters and the second-most advanced fighter in Russia after the fifth Generation Su-57.
A snap from the video
Some aviation experts believe the Su-35 might have a good chance of downing an American F-22 Raptor or an F-35 in close-range combat due to its super maneuverability.
Russian armed forces have employed this aircraft extensively in Ukraine to attack its military sites. On December 29, a Russian Air Force Su-35S fighter reportedly downed three Ukrainian aircraft—a MiG-29 and two Mi-8 helicopters—in air-to-air combat.

Pre-Flight Examination

The Russian pilot noted that the fighter aircraft’s weaponry is examined by experts in the aviation complex, followed by an examination of the missiles’ operational readiness by special equipment housed in the cockpit.
The crews utilize guided high-precision missiles of various “air-air” and “air-surface” classes to disable radar stations, destroy air defense systems, and demolish the aviation equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
One of the most agile fighters, the Su-35S can carry up to eight tons of combat load. The Su-35S is primarily a fighter aircraft, although it also has a bomber mission capability. Its wing can accommodate airborne bombs and air-to-surface missiles.
The fighter jet can carry a combination of short-range R-73E and medium-range R-77 missiles for air combat and various IR and radar-homing missiles for ground attack.
The military department said that the objective control system had already documented the precision of hits in practice. The Su-30 and Su-35 are upgraded variants of the classic Sukhoi Su-27; however, they have more advanced electronics and armaments.
su-35 russia

Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) says the Su-35 “combines the qualities of a modern fighter (super-maneuverability, superior active and passive acquisition aids, high supersonic speed and long range, capability of managing battle group actions, etc.) and a good tactical airplane (wide range of weapons that can be carried, modern multi-channel electronic warfare system, reduced radar signature, and high combat survivability).”
Most of the Russian air force’s Su-30 and Su-35 aircraft have been stationed in air facilities in Belarus, occupied Crimea, and southwest Russia for use in the war in Ukraine. The fighter jet can easily outperform the MiG-29s and Su-27s of the Ukrainian Air Force.

A.P. Richelieu

Dec 20, 2013
If you can't prove it you can't accuse me of any wrong doing
After all the rule based international legality say you are innocent until proven otherwise and its you who make the accusation that must prove otherwise.
You can accuse anyone of anything, and you might be right or wrong.
If Iran is covertly shipping arms to Russia, someone else can covertly attack Iran.
The attack would be legal, since Iran is legally an aggressor.

Iran has confirmed that it is violating the laws of neutrality. It status is clear for all.
Published 2022-10-18.


No its not the correct its a complete valid English term. And your laws state that countries can take side but not participate in the war.
You are welcome to show the exact clause in the exact treaty that shows that you cannot attack someone which ships arms to an aggressor.
No Iran still is neutral. Sweden still participated in the war and Iran position still the same UNSC still a useless toy in the hand of veto right holders
Repeating a lie, does not make it true. As Iran is shipping weapons, it is not neutral.
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Dec 7, 2017
Since he has a totally wrong historical and and a political corrupted perception of the facts, history and since that speech was full of lies?

All I would say is that it is all a matter of perspective which differs from one person to another. You might hate what he is saying but I might give it importance. Who is right, who is wrong, I really wouldn't know.


May 27, 2018
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Mozart group to counter Wagner is no more

this was from the begining of the war and hit decomissioned fighters - was discussed to death at that time.


Jun 18, 2012
Viet Nam
Not going well as planned

Russia economy falls back 50 years.

Almost the entire invasion army of 200,000 men is either dead or wounded.

Putin: no problem. When I left Germany I took the fridge to Russia.



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