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Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments PART 2


Oct 24, 2012
Her claims of Russian casualties are not reliable because she doesn't have access to them and she is also part of the countries waging war on Russia. So anything that Ursula Von Der Leyen states about Russian casualties is a pure propaganda, and we should take a grain of salt with any of her claims with respect to Russian casualties.

With respect to Ukrainian casualties, the EU that she is the president is the main backer of Ukraine, US being the other one. Therefore, she has full access to Ukrainian casualties. So when she admitted 100,000 Ukrainian military officers' casualties, that should tell you she is referring to the data that she has access to.

It is also very possible that she is downplaying the Ukrainian casualties because she doesn't want to say anything that Russians can use as a propaganda. So she is most likely hiding the real casualties - meaning the real death and wounded of Ukrainians must be way above 500,000. And this is the reason why the Ukrainians are in their 6th or 7th mobilization phase.

Let us not forget the Ukrainians have increased the age of military service to 60 years of age. And one should ask himself (or herself) why would they need men who are 60 years of age. The only explanation is the attrition rate must be very high.

So Mr @jhungary, you and others can believe in your fairy tales, but as we've seen, the truth has strange way of revealing itself.
This is simply dumb.

Ukraine won't tell anyone, be it EU or US or even their own government, how many people they lost, again, I still have Top Secret Clearence from the work I have done with the department of defence, and for all the intelligence cable I saw, not one of them are claimed to have actual figure on how many people Ukraine has lost.

All of those figures are estimated by the same source, for her is the OSCE intelligence, for us, it's the CIA. Which mean both figures would have come from the same source, so it would have to be really stupid for you to nikpick one because it convivence you than the other. That's why I keep saying estimation from BOTH side is merely a fart, you try to have the other guy smell bad.

On the other hand, it's not hard to even imagine Russia has lost more than just a few thousand troop they have said, the lack of progress + the mobilisation of 300,000 and now maybe more troop, you don't need to know the actual figure to know they lost enough troop they can't replace it at a normal rate, and if they can't do that, that mean that figure is significant.

But then who am I talking to? You can go believe Russia only lost 5000 troop, I have no problem with that because that mean nothing, progress on the field is the one that was charted, the number of loss troop may help with romanticize the war when you are shooting a movie over that in 10 years' time, but right now? Who is making a push is more important than who is losing more troop on the ground.

A.P. Richelieu

Dec 20, 2013
If Bakhmut and Siversk fall then Kramatorsk will follow suit which will mean the whole North Donetsk region falling to the Russians

Beny Karachun

May 30, 2016
yeah she's cute in a mousy way. Kind of looks like a mouse. many Colombians and South Americans look like that Take away make up and photoshop and she's average. I've seen gypsies that look like her. Also her legs are oddly shaped. she has thick upper legs and no calves. And look at her nose. Its the perfect nose I will admit. It's the opposite of a typical jewish nose. Where did she steal her DNA to get a nose like that? Maybe plastic surgery?
She has curly hair that she carefully straightens to look more "European". And she had a single eyebrow thats she clearly shaves. She probably won the prettiest face award in Israel and that tells you all you need to know.
Lol. You're really critiquing Madison Beer?

Yael Shelbia won a global award, not an Israeli one. I don't know how her shaving her eyebrows or straightening her hair make her less worthy.
wont be visiting the holy land in my life but its had to imagine it could be prettier than Bosnia. I can understand Yemeni Jews loving Israel, but I would have to say any European jew must find Israel a total hellhole. Many jews I've met would rather die than live in Israel. They love Israel, but would never ever live there.

I am a European Jew, I've been to Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and Hungary. They're not bad places (except Russia and Ukraine which for the most part are shitholes), but nothing like Israel. Israel is better, has better weather, more lively and young people, better food.

Their only advantage is that they're cheaper than Israel. Combined with the fact Israelis make more money on average makes them attractive places to visit.

My Russian GF is casually racist but would date anyone if they had enough money. And I figure this is a typical Russian attitude. She has expressed zero anti semitism, but a lot of anti polish and ukranian sentiment. The only reason Russian would have anti semitism is maybe what they hear in Church, because apart form the Russian revolution, jews have played a very limited role in Russian history.
All Eastern Europeans are casually racist, I am as well.

Jews were the backbone of all engineering and science in the USSR. When most of the Jews left Russia couldn't compete anymore.


Aug 15, 2014

The only thing we preparing to annex is moon we already done a referendum 100% or even 102% where for it ...
Czech on the other hand prepering to annex Kaliningrad Oblast and they want to share it with us like this . They already done a referendum to. So its all legit


russians have been claiming the "liberation" of those villages several times already,with no visual confirmation as always.

@bobo6661 this is the BS Russians are spreading.

I have no words :sarcastic: there is a limit how much dumb someone can be :omghaha: they spreading this form begging of war...
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