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Russia Tests ‘Missile Defense Killer’

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    Jun 3, 2013
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    MOSCOW, June 7 (RIA Novosti) – The US
    missile defense system is no match for
    the new intercontinental ballistic missile
    (ICBM) that Russia tested this week, a
    senior Russian official said Friday.
    Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin,
    who oversees the defense industry,
    hailed Thursday’s tests as a success and
    dubbed the new ICBM a “missile defense
    “Neither current nor future American
    missile defense systems will be able to
    prevent that missile from hitting a target
    dead on,” he said, during an event
    organized by the ruling United Russia
    The Russian Defense Ministry was more
    modest in its appraisal of the test,
    carried out by the Strategic Missile
    Forces at the Kapustin Yar testing site,
    between Volgograd and Astrakhan, on
    “The test launch was a success as the
    [simulated] warhead hit a designated
    target within the set time frame,” said a
    Defense Ministry statement issued
    The US missile defense system in Europe,
    which NATO and the US say is aimed at
    countering threats from North Korea and
    Iran, has been a particular source of
    friction in US-Russian relations for a
    number of years.
    Russia and NATO formally agreed to
    cooperate over the European missile
    defense system at the 2010 NATO summit
    in Lisbon, but talks foundered, in part
    over Russian demands for legal
    guarantees that the system would not
    target its strategic nuclear deterrent.
    In mid-March, the US announced that it
    was modifying its planned missile
    defense deployment to Poland, dropping
    plans to station SM-3 IIB interceptors in
    the country by 2022.
    Russian officials responded by saying
    that this did nothing to allay their
    concerns over US missile defense in
    Eastern Europe, and reiterated their
    demand for legally binding agreements
    guaranteeing that Russia’s strategic
    nuclear forces would not be targeted.
    Although analysts were quick to
    interpret the US change in plan as a
    concession to Russia, possibly intended
    to pave the way for further bilateral
    talks on nuclear arms reduction, US
    officials repeatedly refuted this
    Speaking after a bilateral meeting with
    the Polish foreign minister on Monday,
    US Secretary of State John Kerry stressed
    the United States’ continued commitment
    to that element of the missile defense
    “We are on track to deploy a missile
    defense site in Poland by 2018 as part of
    NATO’s modernized approach to our
    security,” Kerry said.
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