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Rheinmetall, UVision to Market Hero Loitering Munitions in Europe


Jul 10, 2017
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Rheinmetall, UVision to Market Hero Loitering Munitions in Europe
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  • 08:31 AM, October 12, 2021
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Hero-120 loitering munition @UVision
Rheinmetall and Israeli company UVision have today signed a strategic partnering agreement to market Hero series of loitering munitions to the armed forces of Europe.
Rheinmetall will take the industrial, technological and commercial lead for enhancing the capabilities of the weapon system; while UVision will make available the Hero loitering munitions.
The parties plan to integrate the Hero series into Rheinmetall’s portfolio of manned and unmanned vehicle platforms, launchers, battle management systems and armoured vehicles like the Lynx.
The Hero family of loitering munitions comprises several models. Designed for different missions, from short to medium and long ranges and flight times using various warheads, the Hero series of high-precision loitering munitions provides operational forces with combined intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) and strike capabilities, allowing them to independently locate, track and engage time-sensitive, low-signature targets. These advanced munitions can loiter in the air in a clandestine manner for an extended period of time; locate and track the enemy; help to validate targets; and carry out a precise strike. The Hero system can abort an attack in mid-air; re-enter loitering mode; and then resume the attack, or re-assign targets, thus minimizing collateral damage and providing operational forces with unsurpassed tactical flexibility on the modern battlefield.

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