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Rheinmetall premieres new-generation remote-controlled gun

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    Rheinmetall premieres new-generation remote-controlled gun

    25 October 2018

    A mock-up of the SeaSnake light naval gun system at Euronaval 2018

    The new light naval gun system SeaSnake has made its first appearance at the Euronaval exhibition in Paris.

    Succeeding Rheinmetall's MLG 27 system, the new system is designed as a primary armament for small craft or a secondary armament for larger ships.

    While the 27 mm Mauser BK27 cannon was again chosen because of its high accuracy and rate of fire, the rest of the mount is new.

    "We have updated the system to be state-of-the-art," a company representative told Jane's . This includes new internals, new electronics, the option to mount an independently controlled stabilised electro-optical/infrared sensor package, and reduced radar cross-section (RCS).

    The weight has also been reduced by using carbon fibre construction, according to Rheinmetall. Compared with an MLG 27 system fully loaded with 90 rounds, the SeaSnake 27 variant, with 225 rounds of ammunition, will weigh less than 600 kg; the SeaSnake 30 with 135 rounds will weigh about 620 kg.

    The SeaSnake 30 mount is fitted with a 30 mm KCE30/ABM cannon, offering greater range as well as the ability to use programmable airburst ammunition.


    Rheinmetall showcases its Sea Snake 27

    24 OCTOBER 2018

    Rheinmetall is showcasing its Sea Snake-27 at EURONAVAL 2018, a versatile 27mm revolver gun designed specifically for maritime applications. The Sea Snake-27 is based on the tried-and-tested MLG-27NG light naval gun. A gas-operated design, this automatic revolver cannon fires 27mm x 145 ammunition.

    Sea Snake-27 full scale model on Rheinmetalll stand at EURONAVAL 2018

    Featuring an adaptable multi-mode, multi-target tracker sensor unit, the Sea Snake-27 is an excellent all-round effector for short- and very short-range engagements, making it the ideal answer to asymmetric threats, whether employed as a suppression weapon or in high-precision single-shot mode.

    Equipped with its own opto-electronic sensor suite, this remotely operated, fully stabilized defensive system can be employed either in standalone mode or integrated into a ship’s central command and control system. Its high rate of fire – more than 1,600 rounds per minute – and high accuracy combine to make it a formidable weapon system, with a maximum effective range of up to 4,000 metres. As an option, the Sea Snake can also be fitted with a high-energy laser effector.

    The Sea Snake-27 features a low silhouette. Light, robust and easy to integrate, the system can be installed without having to penetrate the upper deck of the vessel.

    Among other things, the Sea Snake-27 is designed to serve as the primary armament of smaller surface combatants such as fast attack craft or fast patrol boats. Furthermore it can serve as secondary armament for larger vessels, starting with the corvette or multi mission class ships.

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