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Report highlights Serious human rights issues in Pakistan

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    In its latest report the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) criticises the government for failing to protect its citizens.

    The report, called ‘State of Human Rights in 2010’, says that religious minorities are particularly at risk of violence.

    During the year 99 members of the Ahmadi sect were killed

    The rapidly growing Islamic movement is considered heretical by mainstream Muslims.

    While some of the violence stems from Taliban insurgency, the report also implicates security agencies in human rights issues against citizens.

    According to the report, 12,580 people were murdered, 581 kidnapped for ransom and 16,977 were abducted in 2010 in Pakistan.

    The report also highlights violence against women, with 791 women killed in the name of honour during the year and 2,903 suffering sexual assaults.

    The figures stated in the report are largely based on media accounts.