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Remote Virtual Tower for military use cases

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    Bringing comprehensive situational awareness to military scenarios to ensure safe air traffic control and mission success

    The normal challenges of day-to-day air traffic management (ATM) are heightened in a deployed military situation. The safety of aviation personnel are often under threat from a variety of external hazards, and rapid responses are vital to help keep traffic moving safely. To achieve these goals and help ensure mission success, air navigation service providers (ANSPs) require optimal visual information about aircraft movements and the surrounding area of an aerodrome, even if they are managing a small volume of traffic.

    Frequentis and Rheinmetall have led the way in introducing the remote virtual tower (RVT) concept to civil and military ANSPs, which replaces the out-of-the-window view with a visualisation system located at a remote site. The RVT solution, helps civil and military controllers increase their situational awareness through enhanced visibility and enables better use of resources, all without compromising on safety.

    At an Airbase in Middle East the companies carried out intense testing in order to demonstrate the systems guaranteed performance under harsh environmental conditions, while military airbase protection capabilities were also evaluated, ensuring the system also detected and alarmed for wildlife and potential threats resulting from air, sea and land.

    This paper illustrates how the RVT concept can address the challenges facing military ANSPs and demonstrates how the companies offer a unique value proposition in this area, combining experience, thorough change management procedures, standards-compliant solutions, customisation options, best-in-class technology and more, ensuring that your RVT project is a success.

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