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Remembering the past: Bangladeshi fighters for Palestine of the 1980s.

Luffy 500

Jan 2, 2012
yes cz we see them as a our another muslim brother , so we bengali feel for them when they are being opressed , unlike u guys who didnt hesitate to kill 3 million of my people who posed as a fake muslims on 1971
Brother, for your kind information the poster you quoted is a rabid atheist. If you see his previous posts you would come to know how much the guy hate islam and muslim. Pakistan has non-muslims as well (hindu , christians,qadiyanis, Sikh, atheist) . And besides individual in an online forum does NOT speak for all his/her countrymen. That should be common sense now should it not? You should not attack the muslims of a whole nation based on what an individual from that nation say.

Yeah, terrorising the whole world in a so called holly war based on religions.

Pure madness. :coffee:
Your hate filled jargon has a lot to do with semantics. Nationalism is also a kind of religion that you Hindustanis are using to justify your terrorism against kashmiris. The americans justify their imperialism in the name of their religion which is secular liberalism while the Russians are bombing syria and aiding a maniac in the name of their religious nationalism/Putinism . Same reason why communist invaded AF .

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