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Remembering A Pakistani Legend and A Pakistani Hero

Ahmet Pasha

May 23, 2017
United States
As we hopefully get closer to securing lasting peace(I'd be rich for how many times I've heard Americans and their media say this lol), I'd like to commemorate one of our great heroes who had defeated a super power in Afghanistan with help of other great heroes and lions. From the outset he recognized American ignorance and he could see how this was all going to end.

We love you General Sahb, we greatly miss you, you were the President Pakistanis needed and deserved.

You had been vocal since the start of this Afghan debacle started by Americans. Even more than Imran Khan. You genuinely attempted to bring the religious parties, the secular ones and even the ones who would go on to become extremist menace for Pakistan together under the PDM umbrella. To unite for Pakistan's interest. It is just sad that the Left leaning Musharraf regime silenced your voice maybe at the time they feared an American attack on Pakistan. Also it is sad to see years later the 5 columnist traitors abusing PDM forum that you created.

Let this thread be a space to remember General Hameed Gul and post any videos of him that you remember.

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