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Reintegration into Western Society



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Dec 19, 2014
Reintegration into Western Society

By Mr. Green

Since the 1960s a large number of Muslims had migrated to Western countries especially UK, USA France, Canada and Australia etc. They worked hard to make a living and a home for themselves and also supported their families in their native lands.

A large number of them learned new languages and developed linkages with Whites. The “no shame in work” culture of the West was adopted by these Muslim immigrants and they cast away their old habits of wasting time and blaming the governments for their problems and internalized the “Can do” attitude.

Many of them achieved the American Dream and become prosperous. Some even entered the political sphere and joined local political parties and got elected positions in governments. Others became Doctors, Engineers and Restaurant & Store Owners.

However, due to the 9/11 incident the whole situation changed 180 degrees. Overnight the Muslims became suspects in their adopted lands. Many were investigated and arrested. Then the US started the campaign of attacking one Muslim Country after another to remove threats to Israel. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya were destroyed following the American Century Doctrine.

Donald Trump rightly said that if he had followed Neo-Conservative John Bolton’s advice then we would have been in World War Five right now.

Millions of innocent Muslim lives were extinguished due to this crazy agenda.

The lives of Muslims in Western lands became very difficult. There was constant monitoring and suspicion. Hate crimes mounted as the Western people saw Muslims as Terrorists or their sympathizers.

On the other hand, some Muslim youth got angry at the attacks on their home countries by the West and committed Terrorist acts.

Now history has come full circle in 2021 and America has declared that its mission in Afghanistan is over and its troops are leaving Afghanistan.

It is time for the Muslims in the West to engage in efforts to remove their negative image and re-integrate into Western societies. But it should not be according to the French model of leaving their culture and ethics behind. The unity in diversity strategy should be followed.

Turkish Gulen movement has made remarkable effort in making America its second home. They have centers where Christians and Muslims interact on a family basis. Once Muslim Women cook their food and bring it to the Center and once Christian Women cook and bring their food for everybody. Then they have adopted many schools where Turkish Teachers teach the American kids. This has created a positive opinion about the Muslims.

Dawah work should also be restarted to convert Christians to Islam. Focus should be on the Colored People, Hispanics and Native Americans. The reality of the situation is that many of the people over there don’t follow any religion. However, Whites should not be neglected as their participation would give authority to the Muslims.

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