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Regiments of the Indian Army : The Scinde Horse

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    The Scinde Horse (14th Prince of Wales's Own Cavalry) is among the old & illustrious regiments of the IA. It was formed in 1922 by the amalgamation of 35th Scinde Horse and 36th Jacob's Horse. This regiment became part of the Indian Army in 1947 and the PWO title was dropped.

    The regiment has 26 Battle Honours including Dograi,Punjab-1965,71 and Malakpur.

    Scinde Horse is the only regiment known to honour its enemy till date(the Baluchi warrior on its badge)and has not changed its badge since its raising, unlike others who have done so-numerious times and at one point Scinde horse carried 9 Standards while on parade(regiments normally hold 1).

    Scinde Horse was also the first British-Indian Cavalry regiment to be MECHANISED(shed their horses for mechanised armour)in 1938. This day is remembered as Armoured Corps Day.

    It is also the 1st to receive The President of India's STANDARD.

    Incidently , its regimental motto " Man dies but the Regiment lives' were the parting words of the Muslim Risaldar Major prior to departure for Pakistan along with the Muslim Squadron which was allotted to The Guides Cavalry in exchange for the Sikh Squadron from that regiment allotted to the Scinde Horse.

    The Risaldar Major said these words to console his former regimental compatriots who lamented the departure of the Muslim Squadron to Pakistan.

    To this day the regiment holds two sikh squadrons.