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Railway Stations in Pakistan


Mar 21, 2007
United States
Daniel Shah -

When I started the tour of the country, I made the program to see the places that are hidden on our currency notes.

This search took me to places I never thought of, and where I don't even have to go. This journey to me in the southern part of Pakistan from the forgotten tunnels near pak afghan border. In the northern part of the north, it took up to the high mountains.

This journey took me to a 113 kilometer far away from the west of quetta. A Memorial of the past was made of our 113 rupee note (which is now closed).

There is a town named Sheila Bagh in front of this tunnel.

During the great game between Britain and Russia, both the powers wanted to spread their power in Central Asia and to be occupied by natural resources in the region. The British Raj in India, in the late 19th century, in Central Asia of Russia. The spreading power was started to be upset.

Fear that Russian can enter this region through Kandahar from Afghanistan, British decided to lay the net of railway trains till Kandahar, so that they could send their troops there to compete with the Russian forces. For this purpose, British had to pass the famous 2290 meter high drہʾ Kojak, which is the passing of army, traders and fạtḥwں for centuries.

The tunnel was built between 1888 and 1891, and the tunnel was named as the Kojaḵ tunnel in the name of the same stripes.

The Railway party cross the tunnel while passing by Quetta, and then goes straight to the border of Pak Afghan's border. British could not go beyond it.

In front of the tunnel, a small tablet is installed on which its name and its construction is a period of 1939.8 meters. This place is located at the height of 1939.8 meters from the surface of the city of Shela garden. Sheila is a pashto word which means one Seasonal Mountain and garden shows that garden is the meaning.

By taking the Sheila Bagh, many local stories are famous, but none of them can be confirmed, but the local people claim their firm claims. The first of them is that the name of the area is a dancer named Sheila. It is placed on the construction work of the Kojak tunnel, the heart of workers who worked hard for hard work.

Another scary story is that the chief engineer of the construction project of this tunnel committed suicide before he completed his masterpiece.

No one knows why. Railway Station was built later at shela bagh's place. Those who have seen the movie, Moore, nominated for Oscar from Pakistan last year, in some scenes of this movie. Must have seen this station.

In an old picture of the tunnel, two towers can be seen at the interior of the tunnel, which were made to land in the earthquake in 1935 State Bank of Pakistan recognized this perfection of engineering and in 1976 The Picture was sealed on the note of five rupees which kept this note till 2005

In Note, the east area of the tunnel has been shown and it is a reminder how the Kojak tunnel played its role as an important centre in the subcontinent's political politics in a period.



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