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Quantum Cryptography Studies in Turkey


Nov 21, 2019

First, Get to know Prof. Dr. Çetin Kaya Koç

Turkish Armed Forces and the world's giant companies providing cryptology services. Dr. Çetin Kaya Koç aims to be a hope for people who do not see by concentrating their work in the field of artificial eye.

He is one of the world's leading academics in cryptology. Dr. Çetin Kaya Koç, seeing as having a password in itself, concentrated his work in the field of artificial eye.

Istinye University Faculty of Engineering Department of Computer Engineering Dr. Aries, "I understand how to see and think about how to see the artificial began to interest me very much. Because this is a coding problem and I see that can be solved. I want to dedicate the rest of my life to solve the eye." said.
The story of Koç, which provides cryptology services to Turkish Armed Forces and world giant companies, began in 1957 when he was born in Ağrı. After his education at Ağrı High School, Koç graduated from Istanbul Technical University Electronics and Communication Engineering with first degree. Koç was sent to the USA with a state scholarship and completed his PhD at the University of California, where he began working as an assistant professor at the University of Houston. Koç is an associate professor and then professor at Oregon State University, where he established the Information Security Laboratory, where he received the "Distinguished and Sustainable Research Leadership" award.

Çetin Kaya Koç, a professor at the University of California, founded Koç Lab, where undergraduate, postgraduate, and post-doctoral researchers work together in the fields of cryptography and neuromorphic engineering.

Koç was awarded the IEEE Fellow in 2007 for his contributions to cryptology engineering. Koç conducted many national and international workshops in the academic field, and soon became one of the three academics in the world to train the highest number of PhD students in cryptology and encryption. His book "Cryptographic Engineering" has been translated into Chinese and he has more than 200 academic publications and 13 patents in the USA. Among the 100 most cited Turkish researchers according to H-index values; Dr. Çetin Kaya Koç aims to be a hope for people who do not see by concentrating their work in the field of artificial eye.

Cryptology has its origins in Greek and Romans

Professor Dr. Cetin Kaya Koc, answering questions from the AA correspondent, cryptology is not known, but a very valuable and important engineering arm, he said.

Koç provides information about cryptology, "If you go to Ephesus you will find a number of stone sarcophagi. Those sarcophagi are called 'crypts'. These sarcophagi Greeks and Romans, used to hide the funeral. Cryptology comes from there as a concept. Therefore, the crypt means cipher in Arabic but it is expressed in English as a cipher. " said.

Cryptology, a kind of coding method, adding objects to the code and representing them means that representing the code Aries, "representing any object on the computer, the method turned into an area I'm very interested in and I started to develop it. Cryptology, I really care very much. was an area where I was lucky and very successful. " found.

Professor Dr. Çetin Kaya Koç said that he has given many conferences in his field, wrote articles and educated doctoral and master students.

Cryptological codes are used on smartphones and tablets

Stating that he was excited about the encryption he had met during his years in America, Koç said that he found himself at an "original point" thanks to his work.

Coach gave the following information:

"Today, many people have fears about shopping online. My work is used in this field around the world. When you buy products from an electronic commerce site, your information needs to be encrypted. The information you provide must be encrypted to reach the other party that your credit card information, your address information And I want you to keep your privacy about shopping confidential.

I developed both in Turkey and cryptographic codes used in smartphones and tablet computers worldwide. One of my students said that I am one of the three people in this field in the world. When I researched, I saw that I was one of the three people who trained the most PhD students in the world in the field of cryptology and encryption. This is of course proud. "

China, the United States and Switzerland, including many countries continue to give lectures in the coach transfers, this issue is a passion for itself, he said.

The library opened in Ağrı changed his life

Professor Dr. Çetin Kaya Koç explained how the library opened in Ağrı led his life with these words:

"In the last year of primary school, they opened a state library in Ağrı. There were several hundred or a few thousand books inside. I started reading the books there in order. I didn't have any books I didn't read in that library until the last year of high school. I even read books about hypnosis. But reading every book has taught me so much. For me, the library has become a gold mine. I realized later that I was already learning everything about a class before I went to a class, without realizing it. I was just paying attention to the places I couldn't find in the books. I was always a few steps ahead. The sense of being ahead is very good. Very clever students from around the world come to the University of California. I was the first I read in every classroom in the school and the University of California in Turkey but in the seventh, eighth was happening. This was a very nice lesson for me. I liked working with people smarter than me, learning from them. "

"The eye is part of the brain"

Stating that his work suddenly pushed him to the subjects of "human and brain", "human and vision", Koç said:

"Over time, my curiosity to see increased. The fact that the nerves in the human eye are inside the brain membrane shows us that the human eye is a part of the brain. In a sense, our brain has extended the nerves out of our eye cavities to reach out. So the eye is not an organ, it is a part of the brain I began to be very interested in understanding how it happened and thinking about what artificial vision might be, because I see that it is a coding problem and can be solved. "

Teaching cryptology to medical students

He expressed his curiosity to see himself and led him to a very different point and wanted to work in this field until the end of his life.

"Retinitis pigmentosa is the name of making sure they see people blind due to the disease, made possible thanks to a chip placed with surgical methods into the eye. I would like to work on further improvement of those sightings.'Ve ever had 15 surgeries in this field in Turkey, I have the number 350 I found myself at a very different point with both our ophthalmologist and ophthalmologist friends, and the trainings I've given are going in parallel, and I found myself teaching computer engineering to medical students while I was teaching cryptology. "What I want to do is to represent what we see in the human brain. I want to dedicate the rest of my life to solving the eye."

"Let your very clever friends"

Professor Dr. Çetin Kaya Koç concluded his words by linking the coincidences in his life to his determination.

"The fact that a child coming out of Ağrı, fishing on the Murat River is able to do the current work, is the addition of a chain of coincidences, but more importantly, it is really good intentions, not to get a diploma, but to understand and learn. The human being has an average intelligence of 5 people whom he understands, loves and spends time with. So I always tell my young friends that they will be very clever friends and this will inevitably bring you to that intelligence level. "


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