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Featured Qazi Faez Isa's Wife unable to submit money trail in FBR


May 20, 2011
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Update on Justice Faiz Isa's money laundering case/assets beyond means case.

The judge has created plenty of fuss , attacking anything which moves. Accused PTI / PM IK for targeting him.
His wife has gone step further in her attacks on the government and PM of Pakistan.

But now, it is clear she is incapable to provide proofs how they earned the money to purchase the properties in London.
According to Jan, she is sort by mere 9 crores in her money trail and evidence of finances.

Consider this, at the moment I am in process of buying a Commercial Property in my local area. Despite having excellent credit rating , it has taken me more than 5 months to arrange finances for the purchase of freehold property. The snag was that I had been working from the same premises as Leaseholder for just a year. Most banks require 2 years business accounts to provide Commercial Mortgages. Which I couldn't obviously because I had been there for only one year. They have discarded my other incomes completely for this purpose.

Anyhow, now I have arranged it from one high street bank. I have to provide evidence of funds for the 50% advance I am providing. That's includes 6 months bank statements from business, my personal account, my wife's personal accounts, etc. At completion, I have to provide same evidence again to the solicitors involved in legal services, due to strict money laundering regulations in the UK.

I gave this personal example to demonstrate that how much everyone in the UK has to prove that the finances they are providing are legitimate sources of income and they are not doing money laundering.

I want everyone to ponder how Pakistan is taken for a ride and how Pakistani nation is fooled by criminals in Pakistani politics and in Pakistani journalism.
Why I say journalism!! Because journalists are equally responsible for lies and carrying out criminal activities and sedation against the State of Pakistan.

1- A Supreme Court Judge has refused for years to provide money trail for his assets. Instead he has shifted the burden of proof on his wife. Who in turn failed to provide evidence. Instead they both have attack the government and State of Pakistan.

2- Look at the kerfuffle in the Senate and NA on the newly introduced bill on money laundering in the Parliament. The opposition is up in arms and have rejected the bill in the Senate.
The disagreement is on one word, that money laundering is a " cognizable " offence. That means that the Police can arrest someone on money laundering charges without producing the warrants by a judge.

In Pakistan , theft and robberies are cognizable offences. But stealing wealth from the State and launder money overseas should not be, according to the corrupt thugs of political parties.
They have been misleading the people that government wants this legislation passed so they can bang some one in the jail for up to 6 months without a warrant from a judge.

While in the West the laws applies to everyone. You will be investigated by NCA in the UK and arrested on the charges of money laundering pending trials.

I know it had been a rather long sermon. Boring, self defining, call it what you want. And yes, there is no months/year old picture of an aircraft/ airfield taken from some other site/media to obtain some browning points etc.

This is the stark reality of Pakistan where law and order has broken down irreparably. Where lies and fraud are committed in every sphere of life.

Pakistanis should be more worried about these issues rather than photographs of an aircraft or a "rumours" without any sources of impending arrival of gadgets. Pakistani nation is at a precipice, they have to change, or else wait for another national calamity striking Pakistan.
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Mar 25, 2008
United Arab Emirates
She and her husband will rant/howl everything but to give money trail like their role model the 'master corruptor of Pakistan'.
Such people in the designation of Judges are curse on Pakistan and to be cured ASAP. This cancer is spreading now in every walk of life.


May 21, 2006
United States
Qazi saheb is trying his best right now to malign NAB.. few NAB related cases are now in in his court.

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