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Qatari cadets graduate from Polish Naval Academy

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    Qatari cadets graduate from Polish Naval Academy

    August 31 2019

    Officials with the graduates

    The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has celebrated the graduation of the first batch of candidates at the Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia, Poland.

    The batch featured 10 students with scholarships from the MoI who received qualitative education over four years to obtain a bachelor's degree in marine science, the official Qatar News Agency reported.

    Colonel Dr Mohamed Hamad al-Ghayatheen, assistant director of the Human Resources Department at the MoI, praised the efforts exerted by the academy in educating and training the scholarship candidates, and equipping them with the knowledge required to perform their duties in the service of Qatar with high scientific capabilities and competencies.

    He noted that the MoI was proud of its partnership with the prestigious Polish Naval Academy and appreciates its co-operation in transferring its long-standing expertise to the ministry's cadres in a way that will help achieve its objectives to develop modern police officers who keep pace with the latest developments in the field of policing and security and improve performance at all levels.

    He said the graduates of the first batch constitute a qualitative addition to the ministry, especially in the field of maritime tasks carried out by the General Directorate of Coasts and Borders Security.

    On behalf of the leadership of the MoI, Col al-Ghayatheen congratulated the graduating students, lauding their performance during the study period and their levels of discipline, which would later reflect in their field performance in the service of their country.

    Lt Col Abdulaziz Ali al-Mohannadi, assistant director-general of Coasts and Borders Security, praised the partnership between the Ministry of Interior and Polish academy, noting that there are many areas of co-operation between the parties in the field of training and everything related to marine science.

    Qatari student Humaid Mohamed al-Humaidi was awarded a distinction and honoured during the ceremony among the outstanding graduates of the academy.

    The ceremony was attended by Qatar's ambassador to Poland Ahmed bin Saif al-Maadadi, a delegation from the MoI and parents of graduating students.

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