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PTI Haqeeqi Azadi March Oct 2022 - News and Updates


Sep 12, 2010
Now someone tell me, who will pay off the business whose containers were held by the federal government for no reason at all?

Why was Islamabad put under virtual seige by the federal government for more than a week?

This practice of putting up containers and blocking cities should be stopped.

If someone is coming in to protest, to anay do, hold them to their promise of restricting themselves to the protest venue, and if they don't then the full force of the law shall be used, magr yeh kia mazak banaya hua hai keh container utha do?


Mar 21, 2007
United States

By Samira Hussain & James FitzGerald
BBC News, Rawalpindi & London

Pakistan's ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan has spoken to a huge crowd of supporters in his first public appearance since being shot at and injured three weeks ago.

Crowds gathered for a rally in the city of Rawalpindi, taking flags and signs.
The former cricket star urged them to live without fear of death.

One person was killed and several others injured during the attack earlier this month, which unfolded as Mr Khan led a similar event.

The former PM was injured in his right leg and underwent surgery. He has accused members of the current government of plotting the attack, in Wazirabad.

Authorities have rejected the accusation and released a video purporting to show a confession from a man they describe as the only suspect in the shooting.

At the rally in Rawalpindi, Mr Khan's supporters erupted in cheers when he appeared after a delay of several hours.

One woman told the BBC she had come because Mr Khan's cause was that of the people of Pakistan, not of himself. "I am here for a leader who is supporting us," she said.

"There is one man only who has been raising his voice against all the establishment," a man in the crowd said. "He is here to look forward, he has given us a vision."
The atmosphere was jovial despite heightened security, with crowds chanting slogans in support of the former prime minister and popular Pakistani songs blaring out from loudspeakers.

Mr Khan alleged that "three criminals" were waiting to make another attempt on his life.
But, he told supporters, "fear makes an entire nation into slaves".

During his speech, he also admitted failures in tackling corruption during his premiership - saying he "failed in bringing the powerful under the law".
The event was described as the climax of Mr Khan's "long march" - a series of rallies during which he has been demanding early elections.

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