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PTI and the mistake of Riasat E Medina



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Jul 19, 2015
Riasat e Medina was a gift given to the prophet (pbuh). This state was a reward for the sacrifices the prophet and his companions made. The prophet spent majority of the time in Mecca to purify and strengthen the belief of his companions. We do not have such a situation now. Prophet hood has ended. This situation and the troubles Salahudin faced is similar to the current mess we face.

Another point to keep in mind is that the Almighty sometimes sends a very pious ruler to govern a state, just before that state is destroyed. This is a sign for other nations and future generations. If the population is corrupt, every effort of the pious ruler will be detrimental to the state and the population.

While people might point to Aurengzeb Aalamgir and the Mughal empire as an example, one of the last rulers in the Ottoman empire provides a better example. This ruler was a very pious man and during one of the battles he was shown a vision where angles were constructing obstructions to block the advance of his army. He knew at that point that the future of his state was in trouble.

Salahudin Ayubi (RA).

When the prophet (PBUH) was asked which was the worst day in his life he said it was at Taif (when the prophet was stoned and ridiculed by the residents of Taif). He made a special dua for the residents of Taif, that Allah brings from them good Muslims. Have you wondered how that dua was accepted and how the ummah benefited from it?

When the Islamic empire expanded, a group of Muslims migrated from Taif and settled in the region now known as Kurdistan. Salahudin Ayubi was their decedent.

Salahudin came from a very very rich family. Like most rich people, he loved horses. As a youth, he heard about a horse racing competition being held in Cairo and decided to go and participate. On the way to Cairo, he had to stop in Jerusalem which was under crusader control at the time. There he witnessed an event which moved him greatly. He saw a crusader solider brutally kill a woman just because she was Muslim. He swore an oath to liberate the Muslims at that point and at that young age.

Kurdistan, even today is sparsely populated. Salahudin knew that if he wanted to change the situation in Jerusalem he needed manpower, something which was available abundantly in Egypt.

So he moved to Egypt. Due to his excellent education, he was able to get a good position in the government and worked with the ruler there, Salahudin spent his share of his wealth on one thing only – the education of women.

These women then produced a generation. And when this generation came of age, all Salahudin had to say was to march on and take back what is yours.

While most credit Salahudin with the reconquest of the holy lands, his greater achievement was the reform of the situation inside Egypt. Before Salahudin the majority of the population in Egypt was part of a fringe sect. After Salahudin was done, the entire population was following mainstream Islam.

This is the power of education of women.

Science now tells us that a child can hear while he/she is inside the womb of the woman. The first few years, when the child is closest to the woman, are foundational years. This is when the brain development is at its peak – foundations of language and Math are being laid. Try teaching this to the Taliban or the TTP!
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