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PTA to Announce Mobile App Award Winners on January 31st


Mar 15, 2016
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is all set to announce winners of the Mobile App Awards, for which developers prepared mobile applications to help disabled persons in performing necessary functions of everyday life with the help of their mobile phones.

The finale of app award competition is scheduled to be held on January 31, 2016 while President of Pakistan would grace the event.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Internet Society (ISOC) Asia-Pacific Bureau had launched “Pakistan Mobile App Awards 2016” in collaboration with Ministry of IT & Telecom, Telenor & Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP).

This year’s competition theme was “Embracing Mobile Accessibility”, that aimed to focus on the development of mobile applications on the needs of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Pakistan.

The 2016, Mobile App Awards were invited to harness the benefits of technology, to promote digital inclusion, and embrace persons with disabilities. The application submission deadline was August 25, 2016.

All the applicants were assigned with mentors/facilitators who guided them in the development of applications.

The developed application submission deadline was December 10, 2016. Out of 30 submitted proposals, PTA has received only 11 developed application in different categories, however received no application developed for persons who are hearing impaired.

While speaking with ProPakistani, Chairman PTA Syed Ismail Shah hoped that application will enable the people with disabilities to live like normal people with the help of mobile phones that could enable them to do shopping, selling, submitting utility bills and communicating with other people for everyday matters.

He said that the award competition is scheduled to be held on January 31, 2016 while President of Pakistan would grace the event.

Telenor Pakistan will extend financial support of the prize money. 1st prize of the competition is Rs 300,000 while the runner up would receive Rs 200,000, third place runner will be given Rs 100,000 and two consolation awards each of Rs 50000 will also be given.

Some of the applications along with the short description are mentioned below.

Pocket Directorate

Mobile applications for the person who are visually impaired

Application will help people with visual impairment. User can ask from the app to name the direction. He is facing (Audio input). App will process the audio input and will respond the user accordingly (Audio Output). User can communicate with app without tapping any button. It works on voice completely. I would more than happy if my app can help the people and play a role in society.


Vision loss prevents millions of people worldwide from living an independent life. Cataract is one of the leading causes of avoidable blindness. The proposed solution ‘Icataract’ provides a low-cost, self operative and simple cataract detection and diagnosis system.

Power eye

An app that will serve as glasses for low vision people, using Google cardboard as a supporting platform.

Get a side

“Get a Side” application is a sensor based android mobile application. It aims to make blind people walk easily without someone else’s help and can go anywhere in a way that app will take the signals from the sensor, which is wearable and will direct the person accordingly through Bluetooth device fitted in the ear. The person in this way, doesn’t have to start app every time. It will be activated all the time in his/her smartphone. If any hurdle comes in a way while walking, the app will direct him/her to get on the left or right side accordingly. Likewise, if stairs come on a way, sensor will direct the person to go up or down.

Tell me

The basic purpose of this android application is to facilitate blind and visually impaired people that what is going on around them. It is primarily a voice.


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