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Private Sector Credit, Growth, & Lazy Banking


Jan 6, 2016

Private Sector Credit, Growth, & Lazy Banking

Namoos Zaheer is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist and leads the World Bank’s financial sector development initiatives in Pakistan. She has led the World Bank’s efforts in developing the housing finance market in Pakistan, including through the establishment of the Pakistan Mortgage Refinance Company. She also leads the Financial Inclusion Project which focuses on access to micro-finance and the promotion of SME finance. Her other areas of engagement are capital market development, digital finance and overall financial sector stability. Prior to this, Namoos worked in financial services in London.

00:00 Introduction
01:10 Why does credit matter?
06:00 Why don’t banks lend to small business?
12:00 Credit risk with the sovereign
17:20 Central bank’s role
22:00 Fiscal deficits and monetary policy
27:40 How to enhance access to credit
37:00 The role of incentives
43:00 Reading recommendations

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