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Poly Technologies integrates coastal defence systems

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    The C-802 anti-ship missile system can be equipped with three missiles in the ready-to-launch position. Source: Poly Technologies
    China's Poly Technologies has developed a complete coastal defence system that ties together a variety of command and control systems, sensors, land-based air defence and other weapon systems to engage off-shore surface targets at short-, medium- and long-ranges.

    The sensor elements can include radar, satellites, aircraft, electro-optical systems, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to provide real time target information as well as battle damage assessment.

    Air defence elements include short-range systems such as twin 35 mm towed anti-aircraft guns (AAG), the FN-16 man portable surface to-air missile (SAM) and the vehicle-mounted FB-6A, which features eight missiles in the ready-to-launch position.

    The air defence assets are intended to provide a layered capability and a number are based on wheeled platforms so they can be rapidly deployed without the need for heavy equipment transporters. Amongst these are the LY-60D, LY-80 and the FD-2000.

    LY-60D has four missiles in the ready-to-launch position and can engage aircraft at altitudes from 30 to 12,000 m; it is also claimed to have capability against cruise missiles.

    The LY-80 can engage targets at altitudes from 15 m up to 15,000 m, with a slant range quoted as up to 40 km.

    The FD-2000 is the longest range SAM system and can engage aircraft targets up to a maximum altitude of 27 km with a slant range of up to 125 km against aircraft. In addition to engaging aircraft targets it can also engage cruise missiles and tactical ballistic missiles (TBM) when used in conjunction with the trailer mounted anti-TBM target designation radar.

    C-602 anti-ship missile system with stabilisers deployed and launcher elevated. (Poly Technologies)

    Conventional tube artillery an also be included as part of the complete system and includes the CS/SH1 122 mm truck-mounted howitzer which is currently deployed by the Peoples Liberation Army under the designation of the Type 96. This can fire a wide range of 122 mm projectiles with the extended range high-explosive having a maximum range of 22 km.

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