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Political division in Pakistan and the environment of injustice.


May 27, 2015
We often fight here on this forum about the resources division among different Pakistani ethnicities(the people of Pakistan). Specially keyboard political battles between Karachi walas and Lahoris shakes this earth every now and then.
But let's accept the fact that the main reason why Pakistani political (and hence economical) scenes are in bad shape is that we are still following the same system, made by Britishers, to enslave locals. Khans, Waderas and Chowdhries are still in power. They divide people, so that people remain divided, and no one is questioning their authorities.
The state of Pakistan have left general masses on the mercy of these guys, and in turn, these guys blackmail state of Pakistan. These people are only concentrating on the loot of urban areas, thus keeping them backwards, and on the same time they loot 100% of the money they get for rural areas.
And when state of Pakistan tries to balance things by trying to take some "rights" back from them, then they threat to disintegrate Pakistan. That's means, for them, disintegration of Pakistan is ok, but division of provinces is not ok. Why? Because it's the way they hold people and loot peoples money.
Following is a series of articles by the great scholar of Pakistan, who was himself a bureaucrat, and a honest one.
These articles are basically intended to Pakistani readers. So to the people who can't read Urdu, I pay my sorry in advance.

----> First part
----> Second part

And a must read
----> Final part

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