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Police Women in Pakistan

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    Terrorist organizations have claimed thousands of innocent lives in Pakistan during the last decade. The terrorists indiscriminately target people of all ages and genders for the sake of achieving their agenda. Unfortunately for the terrorists, the brave nation of Pakistan remains resilient in restoring peace throughout the country. The terrorists have been unable to break the nation's stance against terrorism. It is sometimes overlooked that along with men, women are also playing a part in countering terrorism. Even though women form a very small percentage of the overall Police force - it is still important to acknowledge those who are working alongside men in our shared quest for peace. For example: I was reading about Shezadi Gillani, who is the highest ranking Police official in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan's most conservative province. Shahzadi Gillani had to overcome many challenges like convincing her father, foregoing marriage, and paying for her own basic training. In the years since, Inspector Gillani and her associate Rizwana Zafar have battled bandits, earthquakes and militants. The articles below briefly detail their life stories:

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    Shahzadi Gillani and Rizwana Zafar have been risking their lives and continue to live dangerously for the safety of their country. Rizwana recalls one dangerous raid, which they conducted in the middle of the night at a house which harbored suspected terrorists. "It was a very cold night, and three female police officers including myself accompanied the raiding party. Once we reached the house, we were unsure how many terrorists were inside but we did know that they were armed and ready for an encounter, so I volunteered to go in first and scaled the walls. I am not afraid of death, we all have to die one day."

    We commend the ongoing efforts to counter terrorism in Pakistan. We fully understand and appreciate all of Pakistan's sacrifices in our shared fight against terrorism. We have full confidence in Pakistan's ability to negate the threat of terrorism, and remain fully optimistic in regard to seeing peace prevail throughout the region.

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