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PN First Customer of New Generation Naval Air Defence System


Oct 7, 2015
United States
United States
Firstly i pray this news is true! I have been screaming for this for as long as i can remember as @Bilal Khan (Quwa) can attest. It would be yet another thing we wishes/prayed into existence i think! 😜

Secondly range: If this news is true this is a huge boon. The stated range of CAMM-ER is 45km+. For CAMM the range was listed as 25km+ but it has been reported by Janes that the missile was tested as being effective out to 60km. That would likely put the CAMM-ER in the 80-120km range which is amazing for PN when talking flotilla level defense.

Thirdly, numbers: based on MBDAs website, i suspect this is at least dual packable and likely quadpackable with the right launcher. The website states "Compact missile allows for multiple weapons fit in limited spaces" which is the exact terminology used on their website for. CAMM. CAMM itself is quad packable with Sylver and Mk41 launchers. CAMM-ER is 25mm/2.5cm/1in wider in diameter than the CAMM and roughly 3ft longer (4m/13ft). At its widest (190mm) it is still far smaller than RIM-162 ESSM. All the Sylver models seem to have the same width (2.3m) with the major differences being length from A35 (3.5m), A43 (4.3m), A50 (5m), and A70 (7m). If i recall correctly, only the A50 can quadpack the SAMs because of the canisters length so PN may need to see if it can get these if it wants to utilize the quad pack. However if it can get sylver launchers via italy and the CAMM-ER it sould be a huge game changer for PN. It could offer it the ability to dominate the air defense in the arabian sea. A quad pack SAM of 80-120km range would allow MILGEM to carry 64 SAM. If you can re-fit type 054A/P in the future, it could give you the ability to carry up to 128 medium range SAM (more ideally 64 and use the other 16 cells for LACM/ASROCs). This dramatically improves the survivability of the ships against things like Brahmos. It will enable ships to operate more independently and further away from shore where they have air cover from PAF.

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