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PMC Business is Violence for Profit.


Apr 27, 2009
The global security industry has undergone particularly dramatic growth following the US ,EU-led military campaigns Since the last 20 years, private military and security companies providing services in zones of low-intensity armed conflict and post-conflict situations such as Afghanistan, the Balkans, Colombia, the Congo, Iraq, Somalia or Sudan. These transnational private companies can provide logistics, combat or combat related security training and intelligence as well as tactically military capability in the middle of a war zone. Balkan,

Such as Peter Singer’s estimate of annual global industry revenues of $100 -$120 billion. Industry is growth is $20-$30 Billion dollars annually. In Iraq there are more than 180 PMSC providing services to the multinational forces employing 48 000 “private security guards”. In Afghanistan it is estimated that there are some 60 PMSC employing between 18 000 and 28 000 employees. The United States and Great Britain account for over 70% of the world's market for their services.

Some of the largest PMCs were also political supporters for pursuing the ill-conceived "War on Terror." global police state is forming, as “Intelligence activities, trade of war, penitentiary system, and information control are passing into private hands. This is done through so-called outsourcing, a relatively new business phenomenon that consists of trusting certain functions to private firms that act as contractors and relying on individuals outside an organization to solve its internal tasks.” Further, “the biggest achievements have been made over the last few years in the area of establishing electronic control over people’s identities, carried out under the pretext of counterterrorism.

The United States increasingly relies private military companies to carry out its foreign policy. This is a statement of fact and yet it is a bit dodgy to say. In "contested" spaces such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan (inside Pakistan actually), Philippines, Colombia (don't forget the American contractors still held there), Africa (West, East, you name it), the Balkans, etc., private military companies and their contractors carry out the will of the President. Perhaps more importantly and clearly less recognized is the direct and lasting impact these contractor have on the local populations they interact with.

From training military forces in the Balkans to compelling warring parties to meet at Dayton, to providing personal security to Hamid Karzai, Haitian dictators, and more, these companies extend the foreign policy options of the United States in ways too little care to see or appreciate.

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan along with the promised long global war against terror has created a boom in the security and risk advisory market. Trained and experienced military personnel from Special Forces units in the US, UK, Israel and South Africa are retiring to take part. The same is true for the intelligence agencies as companies aiding business ventures in Iraq like Global Options and Diligence see executives on the boards from the CIA, DIA, FBI, the Secret Service, FEMA and MI6.

9/11 was a personal tragedy for thousands of families and a national tragedy for all of America, but it served the interests of private intelligence and military contractors .

In the aftermath of the attacks, the Bush administration launched its "Global War on Terror" (GWOT), whose chief consequence has been to channel money by the tens of billions into companies promising they could do something—anything—to help. SAIC was ready. Four years earlier, anticipating the next big source of government revenue, SAIC had established the Center for Counterterrorism Technology and Analysis.

Two days before he left Iraq, 2005 L. Paul Bremer signed "Order 17" giving all Americans associated with the CPA and the American government immunity from Iraqi law. A July 2007 report from the American Congressional Research Service indicates that the Iraqi government still has no authority over private security firms contracted by the U.S. government.

PMC Companies working in Iraq and Afghanistan(1) Aegis Defence Services AEGIS is a London based privately owned British risk management company with overseas offices in Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the USA.

(2) American-Iraq Solutions Group (3)ArmorGroup ArmorGroup was a division within a larger, US-based firm, Armor Holdings, Inc acquired a British based firm, Defence Systems Limited, by April of 1997 for $26 million.it has "operations across Europe, North and South America, Russia/CIS, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Over the past 2 years ArmorGroup has assisted clients in over 160 countries.

(4) Asbeck Armoring (5)Babylon Gates Babylon Gates is the Iraqi arm of the Alfagates Group, a London based specialist provider with offices throughout Southwest Asia. Babylon Gates is an Iraqi managed and Baghdad-based firm handling contracts for the U.S. Department of Defense and Japan's Emergency Grant Aid Project for Baghdad.

(5)BH Defence (6)Blackwater USA It was formerly called Blackwater Worldwide, and before that Blackwater USA. In February 2009, Blackwater changed its name to "Xe," (pronounced like the letter "Z"), Blackwater was the most notorious example; Erik Prince, its founder and sole owner, is part of a family that figures among the major contributors to the Republican Party and other right-wing causes, such as the Council for National Policy. His sister once told the press that "my family is the largest single contributor of soft money to the national Repubic party. Blackwater is one of two companies which make up The Prince Group, the other being Prince Manufacturing.The Prince Group tapped former Pentagon Inspector General, Joseph E. Schmitz, for chief operating officer and general counsel in September of 2005.

The Prince Group bought Aviation Worldwide Services in May of 2003. AWS consists of STI Aviation, Inc., Air Quest, Inc., and Presidential Airways, Inc. These companies provide the logistical and air support for Blackwater operations. Blackwater itself consists of Blackwater Training Center, Blackwater Target Systems, Blackwater Security Consulting and Blackwater Canine.

(7)BLP (8)Blue Hackle Limited Blue Hackle is a British based company,operating in afghanistan , Iraq and in Africa.(8)BritAm Defence (9)Canine International(10)Castlegate-CSS-Iraq

(11)Centurion Risk Assessment Services, Ltd. is a British based private security company founded in 1995.(12)Cochise Consultancy Inc. Cochise Consultancy Inc. was founded and is run by Desert Storm Special Operations Central Command Commander Colonel Jesse L. Johnson. Most Americans working for his company had served under him before in the military(13)Crescent Security Group was a private security firm operating in Iraq, based out of Kuwait and managed by U.S. nationals. The company is now defunct

(14)Control Risks Group is a private security company, based out of London, that was founded in 1975 as a subsidiary of the Hogg Robinson insurance and travel group, becoming the first company to provide advice to clients involved in kidnap situations. CRG began with the hiring of three SAS officers Maj. David Walker, Arish Turle, and Simon Adams-Dale. Walker would go on to co-found Saladin Security and Keenie Meenie Services of Iran/Contra noteriety.

Turle would go on to co-found the Risk Advisory Group after a stint at Kroll, Inc.'s office in London CRG has a long history of working with the energy sector, covering ground in Algeria, Angola, Congo, Nigeria, Russia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Sudan and Yemen

(15)Diligence, LLC was formed by past members of the CIA and Britain's MI5 Intelligence Services. The success of the business led to the development of the subsidiary, Diligence Middle East, LLC, a partnership with the American company New Bridge Strategies and the Al-Mal Investment Company, a Kuwaiti company chaired by Mohammed Al-Sagar, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Kuwaiti parliament. Far less noticed has been given to Diligence LLC.
Diligence, a more powerful company, that unlike Blackwater interfaced heavily with Wall Street, "set up shop in Baghdad [in July 2003] to provide security for companies involved in Iraqi reconstruction.

In December, it established a new subsidiary called Diligence Middle East, and expanded its services to include screening, vetting and training of local hires, and the provision of daily intelligence briefs for its corporate clients."

Certainly the political clout of Diligence outshone and outlasted Blackwater’s. Two of its founding directors (Lanny Griffiths and Ed Rogers) were also founders of the influential Republican lobbying team Barbour Griffiths and Rogers (later renamed BGR). Haley Barbour, the senior founder of BGR, also served as Chairman of the Republican National Committee from 1993 to 1997.

Diligence LLC was licensed to do business in Iraq as a private military contractor (PMC).But it could be called a Private Intelligence Contractor (PIC), since it is virtually a CIA spin-off: Diligence was founded by William Webster, the only man to head both the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Mike Baker, its chief executive officer, spent 14 years at the CIA as a covert field operations officer specializing in counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations. Whitley Bruner, its chief operating officer in Baghdad, was once the CIA station chief in Iraq.

Its partner in Diligence Middle East (DME) is New Bridge Strategies, whose purpose has been described by the New York Times as "a consulting firm to advise companies that want to do business in Iraq, including those seeking pieces of taxpayer-financed reconstruction projects."Its political clout was outlined in the Financial Times:

New Bridge was established in May [2003] and came to public attention because of the Republican heavyweights on its board – most linked to one or other Bush administration [officials] or to the family itself. Those include Joe Allbaugh, George W. Bush’s presidential campaign manager, and Ed Rogers and Lanny Griffith, former George H.W. Bush aides

(16)DS Vance Iraq DS Vance Iraq is a private security company formed in December, 2003, by the Security and Investigations division of the SPX Corporation to enable Decision Strategies and Vance International, two recent SPX acquisitions,it is UK based company.

(17)DynCorp is a Virginia-based military contractor. DynCorp began in 1946 as a project of a small group of returning World War II pilots seeking to use their military contacts to make a living in the air cargo business. Named California Eastern Airways, the original company was soon airlifting supplies to Asia used in the Korean War.

DynCorp, it turns out, is a one of the top private military contractors working for the U.S. government. In addition to allegedly trafficking in under-age sex slaves in Bosnia (http://www.corpwatch.org/article.ph…) and poisoning rural farmers in Ecuador with its aerial spraying of Colombian coca crops (http://www.corpwatch.org/article.ph…), Dyncorp just happens to be paid big dollars by the U.S. government to patrol the U.S. / Mexico border, Since the late 1990s,

The United States has paid private contractors an estimated $1.2 billion, both to eradicate coca crops and to assist the Colombian army put down rebels that use the illegal drug trade to finance their insurgency. DynCorp has been awarded under competitive bid more of this business than any other company.

(18)Edinburgh Risk EI list their offices as being in London and Guernsey (UK), Washington D.C. (US) Baghdad (Iraq), Kabul (Afghanistan), Khartoum (Sudan) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates). They also list "affiliate" offices as being in Kentucky, North Carolina, Florida in the US. EI also has "representative" offices in the British Virgin Islands, Fiji, New York, Ankara (Turkey), Amman (Jordan), Perth (Australia) and Nepal.

(19)EOD Technology, Inc. founded in 1987, is "an environmental services company, based in Knoxville, TN, specializing in remediation and disposal of unexploded ordnance (UXO) and munitions." Since its founding, EODT has "completed more than 500 projects for its clients worldwide. Matt Kaye, President & CEO.

(20)Erinys International Ltd. Structure Erinys International Ltd is a British private security company registered in the British Virgin Islands. The Group operational HQ is in Dubai, UAE and other offices are in London (Erinys UK Ltd) and Johannesburg (Erinys South Africa Ltd). Erinys International has subsidiaries in the UK, South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo and Republic of Congo and associated companies in Iraq and Nigeria(21)Falcon Group .

(22)Garda World Security Corporation is an Ontario, Canada based security company founded in the 1990's specializing in armored car services, physical security with over 7,000 security officers, electronic security, and investigative services. Garda has grown annually with consistent acquisitions of companies in the security industry, finally breaking into the American market in 2005 with the purchase of UAS and Vance.

(23)Global Strategies Group formerly Global Risk Strategies, is a London based firm and was started in the beginning of 1998 as a Political and Security Risk Management Company. The two men, Damien Perl, a former marine, and Charlie Andrews, a former Scot Guards officer, started operating helicopter transports to NGOs and media personnel when the US invaded Afghanistan. The went on to rent out secure quarters in Kabul, impressed the CIA, and were given the contract to distribute new currency in Afghanistan and similarly in Iraq.

(24)Greystone, Ltd. is a division of Blackwater USA formed to market Blackwater's services to governments and other entities outside the United States.

(25)Hart Group The Hart Group was established by Richard N. Bethell in July of 1999 and registered in Bermuda after his departure from Defence Systems Limited in 1997. Bethell, a former SAS officer and recently elevated to Lord Westbury, is a veteran of the private military industry(26)International Armored Group .

(27)Janusian Security Risk Management Ltd. Janusian Security Risk Management Ltd is a subsidiary of The Risk Advisory Group formed in 1997 by Arish Turle as an extension of their already established risk management services to provide security and defence for personnel and assets from terrorism, political violence and crime. JSRM is 75% owned by TRAG and 25% owned by the principals.(28)Motorola JV (AIEE) (29)Mushriqui Consulting .

(30)MVM, Inc. MVM is a global security company formed 28 years ago by former Secret Service agents. It has more than 4,300 employees and security contracts with government agencies around the world, including with the U.s. State Department MVM is under contract from the State Department to provide protection for about 80 US embassies worldwide, including the Moscow embassy. MVM will continue to guard CIA facilities and "provide a handful of mobile guards at two sites whose locations are classified, but which aren't in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan." The CIA gave the bulk of the Panther contract -- the "more profitable work" of protecting CIA officers -- to the Nevada firm SOC Inc. Problems were also reported with MVM's "Scorpion" contract with the National Security Agency to protect NSA employees overseas

(31)National Shield Security (32)OAM Group (33)Olive Security was founded in May of 2001 by Harry Legge-Burke. Originally operating on a "small- scale, high-value" end of the private military industry, which was made possible by "drawing on the ethos of the UK's Special Forces.Olive lends their quick success to strong relations in the government and military industry. Harry Legge-Burke is an ex-Welsh Guard, and a former aid to chief of defense staff Sir [Charles Guthrie]. He can claim Prince William as a skiing partner and his sister was a nanny to the royal children (34)Paratus Group, LLC

(35)Pilgrims Group, Ltd. (36)PSI International (37)Reed, Inc. (38)Ronco Consulting Corporation (39)Rubicon is a private military company founded in 1996 and registered the following year in Britain by Maj. John Davidsona fifteen year veteran of the army with experience advising oil and mining companies in Africa. Since their beginning, Rubicon has offered consultation services in over 50 countries including hot spots in Afghanistan, Algeria, Colombia, East Timor, Georgia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Spain, Uzbekistan and Venezuela.

(40)Safe Security Limited (41)Safenet (42)SAIC Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) was founded in 1969 by J. Robert Beyster "and a small group of scientists ... as a scientific consulting firm with a handful of government contracts for nuclear power and nuclear weapons effects study programs. SAIC had some 44,000 employees and took in $8 billion . SAIC "is larger than the departments of Labor, Energy, and Housing and Urban Development combined," reported Vanity Fair.

In the words of veteran journalists Donald Barlett and James Steele, Before becoming Secretary of Defense, Robert M. Gates was a member of SAIC's board of directors. SAIC personnel have also been recruited from CIA, NSA, and DARPA.

(43)SAL Risk Group (44)Sallyport (45)Sabre International Security (46)Securiforce is a British security company with a Southwest Asian arm, Securiforce International, that was created in 2003. Securiforce specializes in security related services in the UK and USA.(47) SIS Iraq

(48)Special Operations Consulting-Security is a U.S. based private military company employing 300 former US soldiers in Iraq. They provide services in force protection, personal security, convoy security operations, consulting and threat assessment, and training. SOC-SMG is one of five companies contracted by the Army Corps of Engineers' Captured Enemy Ammunition program. Over a half million tons of weapons in Saddam's storage facilities with made-in -labels from all around the world are expected to exist

(49)Streit Manufacturing, Inc. (50)Threat Management Group (51)Total Defense Logistics (52)Toifor

(53)Triple Canopy Inc. is a private military corporation founded in September 2003 by Thomas Katis, Matthew Mann and John Peters. Triple Canopy, founded by veterans of the US special force's Delta unit, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, employs over 300 employees, attracts Green Berets and Delta Force soldiers, and is owned privately. In July 2005, Triple Canopy Inc. announced that it was relocating its offices from Chicago and moving to a federal government-centric location in Fairfax County.

(54)Unity Resources Group is an Australian security, support and training firm that was formed in 2000. Unity is "an Australian-run security company registered in Singapore and with headquarters in Dubai,"(55)Wamar International, Inc .

(56) Custer Battles, LLC was a defense contractor headquartered in Newport, Rhode Island, with offices in McLean, Virginia. Custer Battles was founded in October 2001. The company was named after its founders, Scott Custer and Michael Battles. Custer is a former Army Ranger and defense consultant, while Battles is a former Army officer and CIA intelligence officer who ran unsuccessfully for the United States Congress in Rhode Island in 2002.

(57) ITT Corporation (NYSE: ITT) is a global diversified manufacturing company with 2008 revenues of $11.7 billion. 1330 Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan, New York City, which was ITT's corporate headquarters prior to its merger with Starwood Hotels & Resorts, was originally owned by the ABC Television Network, which ITT attempted to acquire in 1963. After a financial downturn, ABC moved out of the building known as "Brown Rock" and sold it to a Japanese conglomerate which then in turn leased a good portion out to ITT Corporation.

(58) AirScan, Inc. is a private military contractor that specializes in airborne surveillance and security. AirScan Inc. was formed in 1984 by former US Air Commandos Walter Holloway and John Mansur with high standards of recruitment. They have been specializing in airborne surveillance, security operations, surveillance systems, wildlife surveys and training since 1989. They are one of the few companies able to operate unmanned aerial vehicles. Over the years, AirScan has worked for many government agencies and corporations. Among their clients have been,yougoslavia,CLOUMBIA.

(59) Defion Internacional is a Lima, Peru based Private Military Company that recruits and trains security personnel, logistics personnel, administrative personnel and professional services personnel to provide world wide services. It has offices in Dubai, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Iraq. Their main contracts have been with Triple Canopy, Inc. and the U.S. Department of State involving the war in Iraq.

(60) Jericho Defense Corp Jericho Defense Corp. was founded to provide military tactical team training and security services within the military, governmental, and corporate sector. IT headquater is in Florida USA. Currently working in South Africa ,Sierra Leone ,Colombia, and Brazil ,Mexico, Southern Thailand ,Phillipines.

(61) Northbridge Services Group Ltd is a private military company (PMC) which is registered in the Dominican Republic and has offices in the United Kingdom and Ukraine. Its president and CEO is US Army (retired) Lieutenant-Colonel Robert W. Kovacic. Northbridge Services Group is alleged to be the successor of the now defunct South African PMC Executive Outcomes (EO). Northbridge is said to have[close links with Aegis Defence Services, the successor of the now defunct PMC Sandline International.

(62) Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) is an American aerospace and defense technology company formed by the 1994 purchase of Grumman by Northrop. The company was the fourth largest defense contractor in the world in 2008,[Northrop Grumman also performs various foreign functions in the War on Drugs. The company sends planes to spray herbicides on suspected cocaine fields in Colombia and opium poppy fields in Afghanistan. For example Vinnell landed a $48 million contract to train the Iraqi Army in 2003

(63) MPRI is a private military contractor that provides a wide range of services to both public and private customers, most notably the United States Department of Defense. MPRI specializes in various professions such as law enforcement, security, military training, logistics, etc. By its own account MPRI operates in over 40 countries. The firm is based in Alexandria, Virginia. A member of International Peace Operations Association (IPOA), MPRI was founded in 1987 by eight ex-officers of the United States Army. It was sold to L-3 Communications in June 2000 for $40 million. In 2004, MPRI bought Civilian Police International. The firm also serves as additional reinforcements in U.S. bases in Korea.

(64) Paratus Worldwide Protection is a private security firm whose headquarters is located in Charlotte, New Jersey.working in Iraq and Afghanistan.

(65) Sharp End International is a private military company (PMC) that trains Government and corporate entities. They offer services in Foreign internal defense (FID) to train companies working in a foreign environment. They claim to follow the standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI). The company uses mainly Australian and New Zealand ex-special forces instructors.

(66)Pathfinder Security Consulting (PSC) is a Wyoming based private security firm. Their website states that the firm specializes in oil/gas industry, mining and other Critical infrastructure security and protection as well as those in ‘any difficult and challenging situation or environment’ They employ primarily former military personnel. Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan war make up the majority of this staff and paid at the same rate as the area’s oil and gas industries; at rate close to 100% higher than typical security guards in the area.

Part 2nd will be published soon with Assets total work force and Operating Countries Usman Karim based in Lahore Pakistan lmno25@hotmail.com :pakistan:


Apr 27, 2009
really amazing no one interested to discuss that hot topic in that forum? seems to me every one here do not like to discuss the contract killer business.i think sooner pakistan will be a great market for that contract killers ,bcoz all Elite class is prisoners in 5 star hotel in islamabad ,so they need these contract killer to protect them from poor class .

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