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PM Hasina for making Islamic tourism as global brand

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    PM for making Islamic tourism as global brand


    DHAKA, July 11, 2019 (BSS) – Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today stressed the need for taking prompt measures to make Islamic tourism as a global
    business brand considering its huge potential since it witnesses 8.3 percent annual growth.

    “The value of Islamic tourism market will increase to $243 billion by 2021 with an annual 8.3 percent growth. So, all-out efforts and roadmap aims at promoting Islamic tourism as a global business brand is urgently required,” she said while inaugurating the two-day official celebration of”Dhaka OIC City of Tourism 2019
    in a city hotel here.

    The prime minister has also proposed allocating a separate tourist spot for the OIC member states in Cox’s Bazar.

    Calling upon all the OIC member states to work together for flourishing Islamic tourism, she said, “In realising our targets (to be a developed and prosperous nation), flourish of tourism sector can play an important role. In
    this case, Islamic tourism is the best possible area where we have the opportunity and potential to work together.”

    Bangladesh has been playing a significant role in upholding solidarity and unity among the Muslims following Islamic values of fraternity, justice, cohesion and inclusion as a whole since Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman joined the second OIC conference in 1974, the premier said.

    Referring to a report of Thomson-Reuters that forecasted tremendous potential of Islamic tourism, the premier said, “Muslim populations globally spent a total of $151 billion on travel in 2015 (excluding Hajj and Umrah). Of the amount, OIC member states contributed to $109 billion.”

    By 2020, the world’s Muslim population will be 26 percent of the entire world population while the number of Muslim tourists will rise to 180 million from 156 million within that year, she mentioned.

    Urging the OIC member states to encourage their private sector entities in tourism infrastructure and development projects, the prime minister said, “I hope appropriate steps will be taken in order to promote intra-OIC tourism
    through easing visa for investment promotion, branding, standardisation and capacity building.”


    In this context, she said Islamic Economy has already flourished as a new phenomenon. Because of acceptability of the Islamic products as well as services among a large number of consumers, there is a huge potentiality of flourish of Islamic products and services across the globe.

    Halal foods, Islamic finance, halal pharmaceuticals as well as cosmetics and halal tourism are among the growing sectors of Islamic economy, she said, adding enhanced cooperation and partnerships of both public and private
    sectors of the OIC member states are needed for flourishing these sectors.

    The prime minister, however, hoped that the grand celebration of “Dhaka OIC City of Tourism 2019” will open a new door for cooperation of sustainable
    tourism development, acceleration of intra-OIC tourism and cooperation among member states which will ultimately contribute towards economic development
    of OIC member states.

    Spelling out Bangladesh’s potential in tourism sector Sheikh Hasina said, “You will be happy to know that Bangladesh has the diversified tourism attractions. The longest unbroken sea beach in Cox’s Bazar, UNESCO world heritage site and the largest mangrove forest the Sundarbans, ancient and the modern archaeological, and Islamic sites etc are the major tourist attractions in Bangladesh.”

    In addition, she said, “We all know that tourism is the fastest growing sector greatly contributing to the generation of foreign exchange and employment across the world.”

    “Utilising the huge potential of tourism in the country, we are trying to create employment and income opportunities for the people,” she continued.

    Foreign Minister Dr. A. K . Abdul Momen, State Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism M Mahbub Ali, Chairman on parliamentary standing committee of the Civil Aviation Ministry R.A.M. Obaidul Muktadir Chowdhury, the ministry
    secretary M Muhibul Haque, and OIC Assistant Secretary General Musa Kulaklikaya, also spoke on the occasion.

    An audio-video presentation on Dhaka was also screened on the occasion.

    The prime minister underscored the need for developing tourism on naval route as Bangladesh is a riverine country, saying, “We can make the tourism more attractive on naval route.”

    “Simultaneously, we can develop tourism on the naval routes of those countries which are surrounded by the Bay of Bengal,” she observed.

    Noting that her government wants to develop the tourism sector up to the international level, Sheikh Hasina said, “If the OIC member countries want, we can develop a separate tourist spot in the Cox’s Bazar beach for them as well as for the Muslim tourists.”

    The premier also said they want to develop another tourist spot in Cox’s Bazar for the western countries for further expansion of the tourism.

    As part of the initiative to develop Cox’s Bazar as a tourist hub, the government has a plan to develop the Cox’s Bazar Airport as international one and build a International Football Stadium, she said, adding that an
    international cricket stadium has already been built there.

    Describing Cox’s Bazar airport as an attractive destination for re-fuelling, she said, adding that one will get astonished seeing the beauty of the world’s longest sea beach stretching 80 miles as well as the marine drive
    along the beach and take decision to stay here for some days to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the place if they come here for re-fueling purpose.

    “We can make our country more attractive as tourist spot as there are many old architectural sites and Islamic establishments across the country for which, the government has been building a communication network throughout the country,” she also said.

    The government has established eco-park and safari park to attract the tourism, she added.

    Describing Dhaka as a wonderful tourist spot, the premier said, “Dhaka is the oldest city stands besides the river Buriganga which is also surrounded by some other rivers Turag, Balu and Shitalakhya.”

    “The city has an ancient heritage having Ahsan Manzil, Lalbagh Fort, Dhakkeshwari Temple, Baitul Mukarram, museum, Suhrawardy Udyan, Armenian Church, pagoda, Hussaini Dalan, Rose Garden, where the Bangladesh Awami League was born, and many other old heritages,” she added.

    In this context, she also said the Jamdani sari of Dhaka is world famous and moreover tehari and bakarkhani are the most delicious foods, she said.

    The premier said the most important is thing that Biswa Ijtema, the second highest gathering after the holy Hajj, is held every year in Bangladesh where hundreds of thousands people take part.

    Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has provided the place for holding the Bishwa Ijtema, she continued.
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    Bangladesh’s 201-dome mosque becomes center of attraction
    The tiles of the mosque were imported from Italy, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland and China. (AN photo by Rafiqul Islam Trust)
    Updated 15 June 2019
    June 15, 2019 00:28

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    • Although the mosque can currently hold more than 15,000 devotees at a time, the organizers plan to double capacity to up to 30,000
    DHAKA: A 201-dome mosque in Bangladesh has become the center of attraction for people all around the country. It is built on the bank of the Jhinai River in the Tangail district some 140 km from the capital Dhaka.
    The 451-foot minaret of the mosque is the tallest concrete minaret in the world, recognized by Guinness World Records. The minaret is equivalent to the height of a 55-story building. The mosque will hold more than 15,000 devotees at a time. Among the 201 domes, the tallest one is 79-feet high and the surrounding ones are 42-feet high.
    Construction work on the mosque began in January 2013 and took more than five years to complete. The organizers have spent about $13 million building the mosque.
    The project began when Rafiqul Islam, from South Pathalia village, Gopalpur, Tangail, dreamed of building the mosque at his birthplace. Later he formed the Rafiqul Islam Trust to look after the construction of the mosque. Islam has donated some of his ancestral land for the building of the mosque. At the same time, some of the villagers helped to make Islam’s dream true. Finally the construction of the mosque started on 5 acres of land.
    “My village South Pathalia was an unknown place to my countrymen. But now many people from home and abroad come here to witness the beauty of the 201-dome mosque and during every holiday around 10,000 people visit the mosque,” Islam told Arab News.
    “It was a dream project for me, which I started with only $20,000. Later on, many of the philanthropists of the country extended support in building the mosque and the construction work was not stopped even for an hour due to lack of funds,” Islam said.
    To make the mosque unique, Islam visited many world-famous mosques in the Middle East, from where he developed the primary idea. Later on he shared his experience with a Bangladeshi architect to visualize the design of the mosque.
    The 201-dome mosque complex also has a helipad for the convenience of international tourists. In addition, organizers plan to run an orphanage, old people’s home and a charity hospital for women.

    • The 451-foot minaret is the tallest concrete minaret in the world, recognized by Guinness.

    • The mosque complex has a helipad, old people’s home, orphanage and a charity hospital.

    The tiles and marbles of the mosque were imported from Italy, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland and China.
    “The main attraction of the mosque is 201 domes and the tallest minarets. The domes were designed in line with the sub-continental traditional base of Islamic structures,” said Mrinmoy Adhikary, the lead architect of the mosque.
    “The south and north side of the mosque is kept open to have plenty of light and natural air. The design is made in such a way that the devotees can offer prayers even without an artificial air-conditioning system,” Adhikary said.

    Sitting inside the mosque, devotees can recite all the verses of the holy Qur’an, which have been inscribed on brass and installed on the mosque wall.
    “With the grace of the almighty Allah we have already completed construction work of the mosque. Now the 451-foot concrete minaret is in under construction and we are facing some technical difficulties in building this,” said Islam. “It would be a great support for us if we receive some assistance from any Muslim country for the completion of the minaret,” he said.

    Although the mosque can currently hold more than 15,000 devotees at a time, the organizers plan to double capacity to up to 30,000.

    Islam, who is also the founder chairman of the mosque trust, said that Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will attend the inaugural ceremony of the mosque next January or February. The grand imam of the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah will also attend the inaugural ceremony and lead the first official prayer of the mosque.

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    United Kingdom
    United Kingdom
    Without adequate logistics BD can not market itself as a mass tourist destination yet..... eco tourist destination however...yes.
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    I know that Bahrain is the las Vagas of the gulf, they have bars, brothels, etc to attract their rich neighbors.
    Bangladesh doing the same thing?
    It's a good idea to target Saudis, they have money and no.... outlet...
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    Whats for entertainment? Marry, do your deed.. Say "Talak" 3 times in the morning... repeat with another women.
    Sheikh Hasina and her Arab master approved Islamic brothel.
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    Bangladesh looks to boost tourism from OIC states

    • Experts suggest building more infrastructure to attract international visitors
    Updated 13 sec ago
    July 13, 2019 00:19
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    DHAKA: To attract tourists from these countries, Dhaka has proposed to build a special tourist zone at the world’s longest sea beach in Cox’s Bazar.

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced the proposal during the inaugural session of a two-day festival called “Dhaka the OIC City of Tourism 2019” on Thursday.

    The program was attended by tourism ministers from Sierra Leone and Gambia and all other OIC states’ ambassadors in Dhaka.
    Dhaka was chosen as the “city of tourism” for 2019 during the 10th Islamic conference of tourism ministers, held in Dhaka between Feb. 5-7, 2018.

    Bangladesh has many historic Islamic sites, such as ancient mosques, holy shrines of different preachers of Islam, and great architectural structures of the Mughals.
    The country boasts special natural spots including the beach at Cox’s Bazar, the world’s only mangrove forest Sundarbans, and the serene beauty of Chottogram Hill Tracts.

    While addressing the OIC delegates, Hasina talked about the potential of increasing tourism in the country.

    “The value of the Islamic tourism market will increase to $243 billion by 2021, with an annual 8.3 percent growth. We’ll have to take great efforts and prepare a roadmap aimed at promoting Islamic tourism as a global business brand, which will attract tourists further,” Hasina said.

    “There’s an urgent need to galvanize our tourism sector. Islamic tourism is the best possible area where we have the opportunity to work together,” she said.

    To boost tourism from OIC citizens, Hasina proposed to “promote intra-OIC tourist flows through easing visas,” and “for investment promotion, branding and standardization and capacity building.”

    Bangladesh boasts special natural spots including the beach at Cox’s Bazar, the world’s only mangrove forest Sundarbans, and the serene beauty of Chottogram Hill Tracts.

    She said that her country is willing to “designate and develop a particular place on the Cox’s Bazar sea beach for their tourists.”
    “Since we want to develop our tourism sector internationally, we can also designate and develop a separate place for the tourists from the western world,” she added.

    “Bangladesh has a strong tradition of halal foods. Moreover, we have so many Islamic heritage sites across the country which will attract the Muslim tourists,” said Dr. Bhubon Chandra Biswas, CEO of Bangladesh’s Tourism Board.

    “We will work on preparing a special tourist zone for OIC nationals on Cox’s Bazar. Bangladesh will organize a series of tourism fairs in the OIC states,” Biswas added.

    Shamser Mobin Chowdhury, former ambassador and foreign secretary of Bangladesh, suggested that the country needs to build more infrastructure to attract foreign tourists.

    “Around 80 percent of our tourists are domestic. We need to introduce e-visa and port-entry arrival systems for OIC nationals to promote intra-OIC tourism,” Chowdhury said.

    “The government should support the private sector like the Maldives and Sri Lanka did. The government should facilitate and coordinate the policies along with the private sector operators,” Chowdhury added.

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