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Please Welcome The New Batch of Promoted Members


Jun 14, 2016
junglebook is to watch for.. in the next round..
lol... ive only been waiting for something for past the three years now and during that time it was convenient to make random posts here to help with boredom. wait is finally going to be over soon and then i will not show up here. i am a man of invention, if it were not for some unfortunate circumstances i wouldve never showed up at such a place for subjective discussion.

The Eagle

Oct 15, 2015
@The Eagle Research
@AgNoStiC MuSliM TTC
@LeveragedBuyout TTA
@abdulbarijan TTA
@cnleio TTA
@Bilal Khan 777 PROFESSIONAL

Selection was done with the coordination of Admin, Mod, TT teams.
@Slav Defence

Congrats to the batch!
You brought the good news so thank you first.

Congrats to @The Eagle @AgNoStiC MuSliM @PARIKRAMA @abdulbarijan @cnleio @Bilal Khan 777 and to @Manticore and @Slav Defence for their excellent selections, although I can't help but wonder if my inclusion were a mistake. Nevertheless, I will do my best to be a role model for others here until such time as that role is no longer necessary.

On a side note, and yet more importantly, thank you for the stepped-up moderation over the last few months, it has made a noticeable improvement in the quality of the forum. Please keep up the good work. @WebMaster @Irfan Baloch @Oscar @waz et al.

It's simple: a closed mouth is incapable of trolling. I have had to re-learn that lesson again and again, from Usenet to BBSes to forums on the web.

I lurk here quite actively, but the last year has been terrible, both from a work perspective, and from a forum quality perspective, so virtually no participation on my part. Both my availability and the forum quality are improving noticeably recently. Coincidence? If we had @AUSTERLITZ back, we could party like it's 2014.
Congratulations to all and especially to @The Eagle and @PARIKRAMA ,you both deserve it.

@Levina would be a good mod btw.

and especially @The Eagle and @PARIKRAMA I read your old content...... Amazing
oh sry it's a bit late i know but still @The Eagle congratz bro :cheers::tup:

Congrats to the all other promoted members.

Thanks to the team of analysts and all the board members for such appreciation and support.

Thank you all and others as well for all the wishes and support. My apologies that I am a bit late to say thanks but it was due to official and personal commitments as I am out of home town and don't have access to computer always though using cell phone. Also, had some technical issues while signing in but it's a relief for the time being.

I will try my best to keep it up-to the mark and will try to do best to participate at this forum with more quality and for the interest of readers as well. I also hope the same zeal from other promoted members as well. I would also request other members to keep up and improve the posting to the quality that this forum is meant to be.

@Slav Defence thank you for all the guidance, support and advices so also for such opportunity to come up with ideas proving and improving the skills.

@WAJsal thank you as well for the support.

@WebMaster @HRK @Oscar @Irfan Baloch @Taygibay and all @members.

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