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Perween Rehman Biography: A Video [English] Which Made me Cry!


Aug 1, 2009
United States
I was vaguely aware of the name. I have been an avid read of Dawn.com for decades--almost a daily routine. Perween Rehman's name would come up sometimes but in 2013 when I read of her death it literally felt like a big blow to my heart. I knew of her heroic work but didn't know of her personality and background.
This great video, with English/Sub-titles finally shows the person behind the news of her heroism confronting vested and corrupt elements in Karachi and her tragic death at the hand of such elements. And, yes, toward the end, my eyes welled up. This lady could have had a comfortable life in posh areas of Karachi but chose to fight for the poor and paid the ultimate price.
She should be nationally recognized to not only honor her but to inspire others. Honoring such heroes is the best way Pakistan is going to progress.

RIP Madam!


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