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Person vs System


Jun 9, 2006
Person vs System

Islam has been promulgated from the day one, since the settlement of prophet, Adam PBUH on earth, but Implementation of Islam has been directly proportional to the competence and capacity of the person, who was on driving seat of the helm of affairs.
When competent and sincere Muslim Leaders were at the helm of affairs they implemented Islam in the best way and established the best Empires, Caliphates, Monarchies and States, which were unmatched in all respects; in terms of this life as well as hereafter.
And when incompetent and insincere Muslim Leadership came in power, they destroyed the already well established Islamic Empires, Caliphates, Monarchies and States and lost.
I don't feel the need to cite examples, simply to contain this piece, no one is going to read then.
Similarly, when even competent and sincere non-Muslim leadership has been in power they established unIslamic but successful Empires, Monarchies and States in terms of worldly standards and when incompetent and insincere non-Muslim leadership came in power they destroyed the well established Empires, Monarchies and States of the predecessors.
What's the mystery in person and in system?
Person is like a driver and system is like vehicle.
The more competent is a driver (leadership) the more successful would be his driving (governance) irrespective of the status of the vehicle (system).
If the driver (leadership) and the vehicle (system) both are ideal (viz. Islamic) the ideal (Islamic) would be
the result (governance).
If the driver (leadership) is the best but vehicle (system) is not the best, even then the best driver can gain the destiny, somehow.
If the driver is a quack and don't know how to drive, he won't be able to touch the road to success, even if the best vehicle is provided.
But if the driver as well as the vehicle both are corrupt (as is the case in failed or failing states) the worst would be the outcome!!!
The bottom line; it's the person which determines the destiny, primarily!
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