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Pemra orders 'immediate' closure of Bol News broadcast citing failure to obtain security clearance


May 21, 2006
United States
The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) on Monday decided to shut down transmission of Bol News and Bol Entertainment for what it said was their failure to secure security clearance from the interior ministry.
In its meeting today, Pemra was told that it had also revoked the licences of the channel — owned by M/s Labbaik (Pvt) Ltd — in 2017, adding that the matter had been pending before the Sindh High Court until last year.

The Pemra said the SHC also wrapped the case in 2021. The meeting was informed that the channel could not be allowed to operate until the Ministry of Interior issued a security clearance.
"Hence, the Pemra reviewed all records, court orders, and notices from the interior ministry and subsequently decided to revoke licences issued to Labbaik (Pvt) Ltd (Bol News and Bol Entertainment) with immediate effect."
The watchdog noted that the licence of Bol Entertainment expired in Dec 2021 and the company did not approach Pemra for its renewal.
Responding to the development, the PTI's official Twitter account said banning the channel would affect thousands of people and their families. "The fascism and censorship we are witnessing today in Pakistan is unprecedented!"

Party chairman Imran Khan said the move was "unacceptable", adding that the government had taken "media and journalists' censorship and persecution to fascistic levels".

Earlier in the day, PTI Vice President Fawad Chaudhry claimed that there were reports of a media ban on party chairman Imran. "These 'wise' decisions will lead to increasing division in the country," he said.

Later in the day, senior journalist Kamran Khan said he was supposed to interview Imran on Monday night but "have just been told it can't be aired at any cost".

In January 2021, Pemra had suspended Bol News' licence for 30 days and imposed a Rs1 million fine on it for airing "contemptuous" remarks against judges of the Lahore High Court.

Feb 21, 2015
Bol news was just like ARY. Speaking truth and in favor of PTI and imran khan.

So this Martial Law regime is worse than Musharraf's Martial Law era

I don't think many T.V channels were shut down during Musharraf's Martial Law.
Musharaff era was not even a martial law. Real martial law was during zia era.
Musharaff gave the most freedom to media. All these private media channels erupted during his reign.
And these noonies barked the most about Musharraf and criticized him for dictatorship. Now see this N league is the biggest dictatorship. But begging for votes under the guise of democracy.

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