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Pak's Criminal Enterprise: Can the State free the People?

Mangus Ortus Novem

Jun 7, 2008
1st Degree: 5.000 = 5.000 FTEs
2nd Degree: 5000x3 = 15.000 FTEs
3rd Degree: 15000x3 = 45.000 FTEs
4th Degree: 45000x3 = 1.35.000 FTEs
5th Degree: 135000x3 = 4.05.000 FTEs
6th Degree: 405000x3 = 1.215.000 FTEs

Total Ratio = 1.215.000/220.000.000 = 0.00552%

Yes, that is the Totality of Corrupts in Pakistan based on Rational Modelling... with give an take of 0.0003%+/- variation.

Of course, for the sake of simplicity we can choose to see Four Nodes of Corruption Networks, one for each province.

However, it is critically important that at 1st Degree all four nodes merge into 1... The Board of CriminalEnterprise. (Examples are so many that you will fall from your chairs and eat your nickers in horror!)

Whether PakState has the ability or will to bring The Board of CriminalEnterprise to face justice in the court of law is besides the point...given that in each Node of Corruption you shall find functionaries of bureaucracy, judiciary, investigating agencies and of course, politiocz.... all networked through alliagnce of baradari, marriage or overall Ethnofascim.

The recent example of Director Parks Karachi with kilos of gold and Diamonds-Are-Forever exposé .. we get a gelimpse of what we are dealing with... He is just small fly ... not a mugarmuch.

Unless, we come to visit this from mathematical, rational and totally detached manner we shall neither be able to understand nor ever be able to get rid of corruption from Pakistan...

The said director served everyone from Bhaiz to Sindh-humari-ma-hae crowd... and in the process Karachi has become Mount Everest of Kachra and depression of every kind... ecomonic to emotional to physical.

From PTI to Fazloo i.e. all political parties are interlinked and are actually keeping The Pyramid (all SixDegrees) intact.

When we visit NAB/FIA activities we come to the rude or not-so-rude realisation that these agencies are actually part of the Pyramid as well..along with FBR, IB, Police... you get the picture.

So, far FackAccountsCase has achieved some sense of rational/systematic mapping of Nodes of Corruption i.e. ZardariSystem.... which is also NooraSystem... or IsaqDollarSystem... the whole process started with the privatisation spree of the 90s... from millionairs to trillionaires journey in a couple years...and then ability/means to design CorruptSystem for the benefit of CriminalEnterprise.

Yes, police takes bribes on the road... from chaprasi to 22grade takes bribe... but that is endemic corruption.. not SystemicCorruption. Important to understand the difference.

Our biggest challenge is to uproot SystemicCorruption of all these Zaradri/Noora/PTI/FazlooSystems .... as I have highlighted in the Hybridwar thread... all the Vectors of Hybridwar against Pakistan are interconnected. And they are interconnected throught the System for Corruption...

Hence, PakState has become SoftState as its room for action against the System is limited... because the Zardari/Noora/FazlooSystem has more money and power than the PakState!

So what to do?

How to bring back things to proper functioning of the PakState in accordance with the Law?

Can NAB/FIA investigate and prosecute successfully these more-powerful-than-PakState EconomicTerrorists?

Can ArshadMalikVideoGames plagued judiciary be trusted to impart Justice?

Can the PakState fight for Paks and liberate OurLand?

As highlighted in the Hybridwar ... all Vectors have developed a habit of Blackmailing PakState and getting rewarded in return... in simple words... appeased by PakState...

When the ExistentialChoice is between a Strong and Prosperous Pakistan and a SoftState Pakistan... what should be Our Choice???

Karachi in a way is an example, vivid at that, of the State of Being of PakState... Mount Everst of Kachra ... can be cleaned and kept clean...but ChinaCutting must happen.... Kachra as BlackmailingTool.

Unless, those who have the ability to shape the outcomes.. sit in quiet contemplations... and meditate on how to Model, Map and then Eliminate SystemicCorruption and liberate the PakStateSystem from the Board of CriminalEnterprise to 6thDegree ghundas ... we can forget Pak ever becoming a middle/upper income country or healthcare for all Paks and education for all Paks. And of course, all those fancy toys that YoungPaks wish that OurArmedFoces must have...

So, the same Question: Can the PakState crush the CriminalEntperise and free/protect the PakPeople?

@Shane @Reddington @Verve

P.S. A question:
If they say Sindh harami mae hae... then how can they loot it dry? I shall avoid more colourful vehicles of expression.


Jul 22, 2012
@WebMaster my dear YoungPak,

Firstly, allow me to thank you for the +ve tick on Hybridwar thread. Kind of you!

If I may request you to make this thread a sticky one... the other YoungPak @Dubious made it sticky but then someone unstuck it...

Also, if you have time... do go through it... I am sure you would clearly see that the Thesis in here is perhaps a diagnostic of onderlying rootcauses of our misery as Paks...

I have tried to build a Framework here on PDF that we would be able to develop a Rational understanding of what has brought us here... to the edge of Abyss...

Hybridwar (sticky)

Pak's CriminalEnterprise (unstuck)

The Ugly Truth about PakEconomy (sticky) https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/the-ugly-truth-about-pak-economy-a-brief-history.611844/

Please, allow me to thankyou for honouring this request!

I made it sticky again

El Sidd

Apr 5, 2017
Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi is leading this mafia with armed militias called the tiger force


Jan 15, 2006
Saudi Arabia
This justice system wana impose punishment on musharraf and here we go Son of soil who did multiple murders, robbery, received Tax from business man and still he is in danger.:hang3::hang3:

عزیر بلوچ کو جیل میں رکھنا حکومت سندھ نے خطرہ قرار دے دیا

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