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Feb 7, 2022

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Global 6000 is a high-speed enterprise plane with a range of 6,700 nautical miles at Mach 0.80, a potential altitude of 51,000 feet, and a 14-hour longevity. Lighter aluminum alloys and composite materials make up the quasi monocoque airframe. It has a low wing, tricycle landing gear, and propellers that are mounted in the fuselage.

The design is based on the previous Canadair CL-600 and Bombardier CRJ aircraft. It has the same hull cross-section as these planes, but with a new T-tail and wing. The latter is a supersonic airfoil with wing tips and a 35° side sweep. Disruption is effectively attenuated by this extensible wing. It was initially powered by two FADEC-controlled BMW-Rolls-Royce BR710 turbofans. A 6 Honeywell Primus 2000 XP EFIS suite is installed on the jetway.

Canadair CL-600 and Bombardier CRJ aircraft- the defenders

Since the successful operation Swift Retort against India, the importance of electronic warfare has grown. India breached Pakistani airspace on the 25th of February 2019 and claimed to have bombed militant targets inside Pakistani territory, which Pakistan categorically denies. According to Pakistan, IAF fighter jets released their drop tanks as soon as PAF fighter jets were dispatched in the air. No one knows who is telling the truth.

After all of this, Pakistan decided to take retaliation for the violation of its airspace. Mirage ROSE, JF-17, F-16, SAAB 2000 AWACS, and Falcon 20 EW jets were employed in Operation Swift Retort. The game changer things in that operation was Falcon 20 EW which blinded the IAF radars and there pilots had no idea what was going around them. Taking advantage of the circumstance, the Pakistan Air Force launched two missiles, one of which shot down an IAF MiG-21 and other Su30mki. Although India denied that any Su 30mki was shot down, But no one can deny that a Mig-21 was shot down.

All of this is due to Falcon 20’s electronic warfare capabilities. They are now being replaced by Global 6000 aircraft by the Pakistan Air Force. These jetliners will be outfitted with high-powered radar jamming technology, bolstering the PAF’s capabilities.

With the induction of Rafale, Tejas, and more Mig-29, the Indian Air Force is rapidly expanding. In addition, India recently received the S-400. For such situations, electronic warfare machines are appropriate. They jammed enemy radars and allowed their pilots to complete their missions, but the S-400 is no laughing matter. To jam it, you’ll need some serious Electronic Warfare skills.

Pakistan air force considering Global 6000  jamming purposes- The defenders

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Really?? This is happening??


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Blistering with an array of antennas, PAF's ELINT C-130 quietly goes about it's business.


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