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Pakistan's Service Rifle (G-3, Type-56) Replacement Competition 2016.

Which rifle should win the competition?


    Votes: 231 43.3%
  • Beretta ARX-200

    Votes: 59 11.1%
  • CZ-806 Bren2

    Votes: 113 21.2%
  • Kalashnikov AK-103

    Votes: 116 21.8%
  • Zavasta M21

    Votes: 15 2.8%

  • Total voters

The Terminator

May 2, 2015
I remember I saw a regular in Pindi with an ordinary M4 with no modifications.
I have seen many times police commandos with some exotic beauties like Steyr Aug etc. But that doesn't mean it's standard issue for them. As I recognized well those dudes were on security detail of our by then rulers the Shareef bradraan! So they got exotic beauties with them to show off.

Same could be applied to that regular soldier, you are telling about. On special duties, security detail of some big fish

Just like that :triniti:8-):triniti:
Nothing wrong in any weapon, provided you can shoot to kill.... 12.7 mm to . 22... Everything kills.....
What if I hide behind a window AC unit and you got .22 self defense weapon to shoot at me. It would be fun as long as there is an AC between us :cheesy: :bunny: . Well I would say even a decent sized steel cooking pot like frying pan would work just fine to frustrate you enough :smokin:

Well if you got 12.7mm then I would require a hell lot of more of ACs to defend myself but that wouldn't be good for our environment and ozone layer too :rofl:
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