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Pakistan's Service Rifle (G-3, Type-56) Replacement Competition 2016.

Which rifle should win the competition?


    Votes: 227 44.0%
  • Beretta ARX-200

    Votes: 59 11.4%
  • CZ-806 Bren2

    Votes: 108 20.9%
  • Kalashnikov AK-103

    Votes: 110 21.3%
  • Zavasta M21

    Votes: 13 2.5%

  • Total voters


Nov 11, 2015
It's the AK103M
Ak103 is just AK74 m rechambered for the 7.62
Ak203 (((has))) picatinny rails on top cover upper and lower Handguard, and a modern stock as compared to Ak103
Yes i know the difference. Wanted to say that AK 203 must be costlier than Ak 103.


Jan 19, 2021
Yes i know the difference. Wanted to say that AK 203 must be costlier than Ak 103.
It has a new stock, and rails on all 4 sides 3, 6, 9 and 12 o clock which is not present in AK-103, but as per Panzerkeil Pak armyis getting AK-103 with rails, so in short you are being fed AK-103 while you’re getting AK-103M and we are being fed AK-203 while we’re getting AK-103M.

So we are getting the same rifles with different chooran sold to both countries. AK-203 was never supposed to win the contract, it was purchased to please the Russians, we are paying them 1000 dollars for each rifle, paying them royalty on each gun made, paying them for ToT of a design we already have and we’re not getting metallurgy ToT, buying AK-103M when OFB already makes AK clone called TAR and Army can’t give excuse of OFB’s low quality in their TAR as even the AK-103M will be made by OFB. Bulgarian AKs would have still been far far more better, I’ve not just seen their reviews on YouTube, I’ve actually heard great things about Bulgarian AKs like it’s high quality trigger, accuracy and high quality from CRPF guys who have used it for years. In my Opinion Indian Army should scrap this, as it will be probably as the deal is hung for years and and now OFB’s Communist unions are going for an indefinite strike (blessing in disguise) but it’s cent percent sure that AK-103M will be produced at any cost as Modi has already made a hype of AK-203 as the best assault rifle on Earth (yes he said that and I’m not surprised, politicians are known for exaggerating and sometimes lying to score brownie points and votes) and it is going to be made in Politically important Amethi district which is where Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi fights the election and fought in 2019 as well and lost the general election and this factory will pour down jobs making sure he does not win in that seat again.

There are too many strings attached to this corruption fiasco, atleast Pak army selected AK-103 after testing, the AK-203 did not even went for testing and was selected as it is (just to please Russia).


Oct 31, 2013
Nopes, direct procurement.... We'll be seeing plenty of AK 103s in the hands of units under MoI in the very near future.
Means Rangers, FC and other PM units will get Ak-103s??
The so called AK-203 is just an AK-103 with a rail on lower handguard and uses the pistol grip of AK-203, pretty much what you are buying.

The one Colonel Danvir sir is holding is what we are getting.
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What is performance difference between both of them??

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